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  1. This is a challenge where you can only use one role shape in a season. For example the Ball Playing Defender is a square, and the Central Defender is a shape pointing backwards. Rules Team Choice: You can manage top flight team available in the vanilla database of the game. Transfers: Do what you want. Challenge Duration: This is a 3 season challenge. Leaderboard Points: For each season add up points and goal difference. Database: You can use the original DB or winter update but no edited databases. Unlockables: You can not use any unlockables except for coaching badge and manager reputation. Other Rules: No cheating, this includes editing of any kind, reloading to avoid injuries etc. If you are sacked at any point you must start again. See below for specific season rules. Proof: You need to provide screenshots of the league table as proof. The best thing to do is start a career thread for us all to follow. Season 1 In season one you will have to only use shapes pointing backwards (except for goalkeeper as there is no backwards pointing role for that position). Season 2 This is probably the easiest of the three as there are the most options, this season you must only use roles with a square shape. Season 3 And finally, the hardest one of them all, only forward pointing shapes. Leaderboard 1. 2. 3.
  2. I don't have a screenshot, but in one game the opponents put a GK at ML.
  3. I wasn't really feeling it with Southampton and Ings wasn't as good as I thought so I am quitting Southampton. Next I will be doing it with Dortmund and Haaland.
  4. So attempt one is complete, and it did not go well 😫 . I was sacked in January, somewhat harshly, but also understanbly considering that we were around mid-table. I thought maybe easing through the UCL group stage unbeaten in a group with Man U and PSG would save my bacon, but no. Even more annoying was I had Sancho for >$100 million before he failed a medical 😭😭😭😭😭 ! To make matters worse, the last inbox item before the board meeting where I got sack was conforming the signing Jesus Corona, who would've helped massively. The challenge itself would've been successful if I had survived for the two seasons as Lukaku was going steady on about 65% of the goals. But I really misjudged the balance between results and the percentage, as well as choosing a club with high expectation. I won't give up though and for attempt two I will be using Danny Ings for Southampton.
  5. I am going to be trying the percent challenge by @FuddledFox. I am going to be doing the challenge with Romelu Lukaku at Inter Milan. I will give update on season one soon.
  6. Is there a way to get instant result for a match (quick sim)?
  7. Alright, thanks. What about the Trequartista. And does it differ depending on AMC or ST?
  8. Would someone please explain differences between Advanced Playmaker(The AMC version) and Attacking Midfielder, as well as the differences between IF and IW. Thx.
  9. Quick question, if your at a low league club (For me Braintree in VNL) does asking the board for an affiliate club give you a feeder club, or make you a feeder club?
  10. Hi, great job, would you mind sending me the facepack and logo pack. Thx.