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  1. Welcome to a Triple Challenge Career in Turkey! I will be attempting three challenges at Besiktas, Goaltopia, DT, and PtBLitW. Challenge 1 - Goaltopia Challenge 2 - Double Threat Challenge 3 - Probably the Best League in the World For the Goaltopia I will be using 4 players, two of which are the two DT strikers. See if you guys can guess all four players!
  2. Fantastic seasons mate! Also, I think that's the best table I've seen on Vibe.
  3. Question 2 Would you rather have a INT squad (Expected to reach the World Cup Semifinal) with no players capable of playing as a defender or no players capable of playing as a goalkeeper? (Capable meaning not being any color of the position)
  4. Fantastic season mate! I'm sure you can get the 3x 1k.
  5. Welcome to Would You Rather! Every week I will think of a Would You Rather question about FMM, sometimes maybe a bit bizarre, and you guys will answer it. The first question is... Would You Rather have a PL team full of players with 20 for every key attribute for their role, and 1 for the others or 10 for each attribute? Comment your answers below and feel free to explain why if you would like!
  6. Athletic Bilbao vs. Real Sociedad added. Manchester United vs. Leeds added. Mainz 05 vs. Eintracht Frankfurt added.