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  1. This is proven, the 4-1-2-3 works very well when I play with it, especially with narrow, attacking
  2. It’s Marine bud. You expect Marine, out of all teams to do good?
  3. I once did a simulation into 2043 and Newcastle won it 4 times in a row I’m not lyin I can literally show u the picture
  4. If you go back to page 13 he said that since we are in season 4 (3 at the time) he isn’t letting anyone join
  5. Yeah. We also got some youth talents with 4* star potential!
  6. First post of a full screenie! Anyways we have a good chance to be promoted
  7. I got it wrong. We are in league one. and I’m waiting for them to get to European Competition.
  8. hey mods can y’all delete those I posted them on the wrong topic
  9. We are not in unfortunately added 0 minutes later LMAO I JUST REALIZED I WAS POSTING ON THE WRONG TOPIC