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  1. just came back and ima add yall now!!!
  2. So, I was thinking about doing my normal create a career mode, but then it hit me: Why not a club with all of us as a community in it? So, I want YOU guys, yes you, to make your own players for me to create ingame and simulate! Only a few rules: Age must be 15-21 so we don’t retire the first year Overall must be 0.5* to 3* because we start in league 2 Potential and be anything ABOVE 3*
  3. not available in the USA???
  4. 1. Bayern Munich 2. Bayern Munich 3. Bayern Munich 4. Bayern Munich 5. Bayern Munich
  5. Also, I’m gonna be signing up for this. Ben Cabango - Swansea
  6. Alright I’m bored sooooooo…… I just came back to FM and remembered Vibe so I came to check back over here! I’m going to basically make a replica of my old simulation where you guys are a player and you decide transfers of stuff Same Rules, Same Game! Because people got confused over the rules, You may choose a player from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and non-league leagues of England. You can’t use loan players either. Also, your player will automatically get edited to 5* potential because some people have the same potential & rating at 21/20. If you wanna see the old one, here it is: It isn’t explained as well, so uh yea lol. Signups: TheBluePrince - Ben Cabango (Swansea)
  7. I’m back lol, are signups still open?
  8. I will change it to 3rd and 4th. For now, no spots taken
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