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  1. Maybe I will try to do it from the first season with Arsenal when i want a new challenge Thanks for the reply.
  2. This is not the first season i managed to win the league undefeated. However, i was hoping to be undefeated for a whole season. Unfortunately a champions league semi final 2nd leg away at PSG finished 2-1 for psg after i beat them 3-2 at the emirates. Otherwise i haven’t lost a game apart from that one for the whole season and it honestly hurts. Has anyone managed to not lose any game for a full season? I will try again next season. If you have share results and explain how you managed your squad, how you dealt with injuries and did you use 1 tactic for all games etc..
  3. yeah that's what i thought its definitely a regen
  4. Anyone know anything about Fabio Ferreira 20 year old striker who plays for Willem II ?
  5. Yes i'm aware... I just wanna know what type of potential he has
  6. Anyone can tell me where Odegaard stands in this list a 3.5,4,4.5? star player?
  7. Oh i am fully aware he is a 5 star player for me i was doing a thing where i was playing a DLP a RP and AP in a 3 and worked greatly so im just trying to figure what is the best way to choose the role for a player is it the recommended or looking wt which position he has more “green traits”.
  8. I am confused about the recommended roles of players. To give you an illustrated example I will use Szoboszlai who is recommended to be played as a roaming playmaker (see pictures below). However when i go to the positions tab and see the traits of the role, his traits are not green for them. When i choose box to box as a role the traits are green. Does that mean he is a better box to box player rather than a roaming playmaker? Please enlighten me and thanks in advance
  9. To anyone interested in the Arsenal youngsters No info on Nketiah.. I think i got him to 4 stars on my save and he kept dipping between 3.5 and 4 on my save I got balogun to 3,5 max I got willock to 4 stars max I got Smith rowe to 4 stars max I got Nelson to 4 stars max I got Martinelli to 5 stars max I got Saka to 5 stars max I got Saliba to 4 stars max I got Tierney to 3,5 stars maxa
  10. Thanks for your reply but my question is if you play a starting 11 of wonderkids will that affect their potential ability, if they start every game
  11. is there a maximum of wonderkids you can have in the team and by that I mean that it will stop the other wonderkids in different positions from developping properly? I was experimenting with Arsenal who Have Saka, Nelson labeled as wonderkids and in my second season I've bought Lamptey, Max Aarons and Gvardiol who all are labeled as wonderkids as well.
  12. I've played this tactic with Sunderland and managed to get to the premier league in 2 seasons, winnning the playoffs in league 1 and finishing second 1 point away from first in the championship and now i'm in the premier league. Key is good wing backs and good midfielders a BWM or DM or DLP, with good RP and AP in front of him I play overload, wide, fast and balanced. Defense: Balanced, own half, Normal. (Sometimes i play a high line if the team is ultra defensive 5-1-2-1-1 and so.. Great formation.