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  1. Really good to see a career which starts with great difficulty, may make your future successes more hard-earned and rewarding. Good luck. When you do start with your next team, can you also share your thoughts on that teams squad and the tactics you’ll try to use. Would be interesting (for me!) to read.
  2. Yes an opposition 4141 caused some initial problems when I was playing as Man Utd in the first season. While it depends on which team you are and how your team plays, here is how I’ve mostly solved it. Apologies for the detail, but don’t have a visual tactics board to hand! ——— I was playing a 4231 - Rashford as an IF on one side (left) Lingard/Greenwood as an IW on the other side (right), with Bruno Fernandes in the middle as an AMC / AP, and Martial up front as a lone AF. But against an opposition 4141 we struggle to make good chances. There was a consistent problem visible in the highlights, with a number of knock on implications ... Key point: my AP (Bruno) was marked by the opposition DMC... ... this meant neither of the opposition’s D.C. needed to push up to close Bruno down, so there was less space for my 3 forwards to get in behind. ... this also meant my 2 MC were both man marked by the opposition’s MCs, so they had less opportunities for long shots. Of course with Martial upfront, there wasn’t many aerial chances from crosses ... ... plus when the opposition are playing contain / defensive, there are fewer chances to go long / get behind their defensive line. This was mostly solved with a few tactical tweaks. Move the existing AMC / AP (Bruno) slightly to the right, as an AP centre-right (AMRC) Moved an MC (Pogba / Fred) forward as an AM in an AMLC position (next to Bruno). Then move the remaining MC into a central position (e.g. as a BWM). ... and move forward the IF/IW to a fully front 3 - IF left (Rashford), AF central (Martial) and a AF right (Lingard / Greenwood). ... sometimes I’d also change the full backs to be IWBs, to provide more passing options in midfield. This gives a 4123: with IWBs, a central BWM, a AM and AP playing centrally next to each other in advanced positions, and three up front across the full width. So what? This meant the front 3 we’re making more penetrative runs inbetween / behind the defence, as they were positioned further forward. As we had 2xAMC (AM & AP), there were more times where an opposition D.C. had to push up to close them down, leaving space inbetween / behind. Key point - the central opposition DMC was often ‘slightly’ out of position marking my main AMRC (Bruno), as my guy was positioned slightly to the right, so had slightly more time on his right foot (Bruno’s preferred foot) to play a through ball into my central or right sided forwards (Martial or Greenwood - also into their preferred foot). This meant my AMRC (Bruno) got the ball with a bit more space from the opposition DMC, so the opposition D.C. pushes up to close him down, allowing space behind that D.C. for my central or right-sided forwards to attack. Was worth a few extra shots a game. I also noticed that my IWBs had more build up play, occasionally meaning an opposition MCR pushes up to close them down, which means the opposition MCR isn’t marking Pogba / Fred (who is now in the AMLC position), so my AMLC has more free time - to either shoot from distance, or attract the opposition DCR to close them down (giving space for my left sided attacker to attack), or the opposition DMC closes them down, giving more space to my AMRC (Fernandes). Especially if I made these changes at half time, and ramped up the mentality gradually during the second half, I’d often get more chances & a goal. Depends who you are and how you play, but maybe worth a try. Did that make sense?
  3. Yes that answers those questions perfectly. The club international / continental trophies (question 4) is the really hard one to achieve - makes managing in smaller nations with 2-3 leagues each more challenging if you also have to conquer the Euro Champions League & World Club Cup with each of them. Truly a (near) impossible challenge! D.
  4. That’s a good challenge! Som clarifying questions for you as I’d love to start this (though would take me years to finish) Can we offer contracts to greyed-out players in our 1st / reserve team? Can we sign ex-academy players back to the club (including via loans, free, or transfer) - I assume “no” but is good to clarify now. We don’t need to win international nation’s trophies (e.g. World Cup) - right? We don’t need to win the international club’s trophies (e.g. UEFA Champ. League / World Club Cup) - right? Do we need to win the non-league cups in that nation (e.g. FA Cup / League Cup)? Cheers, D.
  5. Exactly. Good to know that others have faced similar situations. Wow. Am surprised at 11 votes for ‘use normal formation’ vs 4 votes for ‘change’ formations so far * ... It’s surprising as I make small tactical tweaks for most games (e.g. player roles, mentality, small shifts in formations), with bigger tactical changes for only some matches (e.g. change a 4241 to 352). However this means my seasons take much longer. Is good to know that some / many others keep the same formation - maybe just with those small tweaks like @Rob and @RichD mentioned. Thanks all for sharing. If you have more feedback / thoughts, please do share. * note = though this isn’t that scientific, and adding votes may double-counting.
  6. As a side note - those are some impressive defensive & attacking stats, you dominated Man City and they created nothing - though you must be gutted in a 0-0 result.
  7. How do YOU setup against a 5221? Playing in the English Premier League, often AI teams will use a 5221 formation against me - with 3CB, 2WB, 2MC, 2AMC and a ST. Typically THEY have ~65% possession (vs then having 40-50% with other formations), crowding the centre with their passing options. Annoyingly this also means my shots / chance creation is lower than against other formations, as I have less of the ball. Recently I’ve been switching between keeping my normal 4231 formation (and trying to batter them in the first half) or instead changing to a 352 / 3412 (pressing high on the CB, WB and 2CM - to prevent the ball making its way to the oppositions front 3). Haven’t decided what is best. What do YOU do and WHY do you do it? Am fascinated to see your votes & read your thoughts.
  8. Have had FMM21 for a couple of weeks and am really enjoying it. Don’t have much time anymore, but am enjoying my first save. Am wondering if it’s a bit easy - so will need to pick a really hard second save and see just how hard it really it!