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  1. You could take Aubameyang on loan for free for 3 months + see how he gets on. If he does well, we can extend the loan, you can buy him, etc. If he does rubbish, or you bring in someone else, then send him back. So a 3 month loan (Aug/Sep/Oct), with a recall option at any time for both teams. Why? I’d like to see if Aubameyang scores more from an IF position from out wide in a 41221 / 4231, rather than the role upfront he plays in our 532 system. Also I’d like to ensure new signing Zaha gets game time, to see if he can score enough as a backup striker for me or not. Thoughts?
  2. @leedsunited87 - I think the only ones left are: (3) Ford, (7) Nokia, (9) Chevrolet - edit: so yes Nokia is ok Picked sponsorships so far: @broodje kip - Adidas @Victor77 - Nike @Kun Aguero - Samsung @d e m a r a i - Puma @Rich - Jeep @DanEnglish - McDonalds @geordiekrispy - Apple @leedsunited87 @YungGaffer
  3. Edit - accidental double post. Its been one of "those" kind of days *sigh*
  4. DanEnglish FC Season Summary We were lucky to win the league, as any of half a dozen teams could have won it in the final month, with @Rich / Out on Bale leading the pack. Only 80 points. Won on goal difference. Lucky. The good news is that we had the 2nd best defence in the league (in terms of goals conceded), our top three strikers scored +70 goals between them, and we reached the ECL semi-finals of the ECL losing on sway goals. Not bad. Oh, and 'he' won Player of the Season. Rivals While many Vibe teams are excellent, we have only one true rivalry. @Kun Aguero / Kun’s Army must be our noisy neighbours on the blue side of Manchester. They knocked us out of the FA Cup, out of the Carabao Cup, and held us to draws in both league games. Frustrating. Plus they did a Tevez and have “stolen” (well... bought) one of our best Strikers. In + Out High transfer activity this year, as we seek to boost our squad depth. Attack - gained Lukaku, Zaha + backup player Bale. Lost Messi. Midfield - gained Wijnaldum + Bellingham (on loan). Lost Di Maria + Milner. Wing Backs - gained Trippier. Defence - gained Van Dijk + Koulibaly. Lost Ramos. Significant activity, but now have a 26 (edit: 27) man squad inc. Bellingham on loan, which should help us with the extra European games + no “healing” sponsorship. +30 Only Policy We are continuing with our unique “over 30’s only” policy, which had the original (& unhelpful) intention of getting max. value for money as players are only valued based on CA (not Potential nor Re-Sale value). The only exceptions are when we are not paying anything in cash ourselves: Frees - any transfers / loans without paying cash - e.g. Lukaku, e.g. Bellingham on loan. Trades without money - any transfers without paying cash - e.g. losing Messi, but gaining Zaha + $70m. It’s a problematic policy, but makes life more interesting + challenging for me. Next Season Last season, the pressure was on to win the league (to get our free player). This season the target is just “top 4” (also to get a free player). With Van Dijk, Lukaku + better squad depth, we have a good chance of doing this. BUT alongside the other Vibe teams - our biggest threat is injury + fitness problems - so I’m happy to lose all cup competitions ASAP to focus on the league. Let’s see what happens!
  5. Central defender Koulibaly joins DanEnglish FC for $40m cash from @Victor77 / Vice City. All that is needed is Vice City’s final confirmation, as the player had agreed terms. This further deepens the great transfer relationship between the two clubs, after Vice City exchanged Di Maria for Trippier and Bale earlier in the summer. Fabs hope a replacement defender is to be announced by Vice City shortly.
  6. Urgh. All the “heal” sponsorships are taken, which is what my crocked old team of pensioners really needs. So instead I take #10 McDonalds, just for the top 4 = free player bonus.
  7. Confirmed! We are delighted to have Wijnaldum at the club and thank @Rich for his quick decision making & good business sense (by replacing Wijnaldum with Tonali for only $10m more!) Confirmed! His new team are taking a risk on “bad boy” Zaha - who got 4 reds + 15 yellows last season, but think he can score goals as a backup poacher up front.
  8. My turn next... Free Transfer Revealed! Instead of just stealing a player - I‘ve agreed something fairer with @leedsunited87 / Leeds City ... which league officials have approved (thanks @Titjes) The Agreement: I draft Kane as my free player Kane is swopped with Lukaku + a $10m at the earliest opportunity * This means I get Lukaku (last seasons best goalscorer + a personal favourite of mine) AND Leeds City get Kane as replacement star player. * Note - I’m thinking of the $10m as a “thank you for the free replacement player”. While Leeds United are rumoured to be gutted losing their main striker - both teams are reportedly delighted to have new Star Strikers early in the upcoming season. Hopefully this is fairer to the team losing one of their best players + keep this as the world’s most exciting league!
  9. Free Transfer: SHORTLIST REVEALED! Which player will get “stolen” by DanEnglish FC as their free transfer reward for winning the league ... ? Their shortlist has been sensationally leaked to Sky Sports + contains some world class players. SHORTLIST Mbappe - @broodje kip / Sandwich Army Lukaku - @leedsunited87 - Leeds City Salah - @Victor77 - Vice City De Bruyne - non Vibe team Rumours of Mikey Johnston being on the shortlist have been officially denied. It is highly likely that DanEnglish FC will choose a new striker, to compliment their ageing world-class stars up front. While DanEnglish FC will gain, the other unfortunate team will likely lose their star striker + get nothing in return. Which would YOU pick?!
  10. Out of interest - is the Player (75% value) based on current value (end of season 1) or original draft value (start of season 1)?
  11. Phil Jones Phil Jones Phil Jones ...
  12. Wow. And on goal difference. Wow.
  13. Oh I didn’t say that was what they were worth. Just that if you were going to sell for 5m, then yes I’d buy 🙂
  14. Likewise. If you are going to sell Mbappe for £5m, I’m in the race also 😄