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  1. Saw this on the news today ... My first thought was “no chance while you’re averaging only a 5.75”
  2. To Manager Enrique - it’s time to dust them off, uninstall FMM from their mobiles, and remind them what a real football is again. You’ve just got to find them first!
  3. Official Statement: “We thank Yung Kings for both players time with us + are proud as to how they’ve developed for their patent club.” Unofficial Source: Damn. Was hoping you forgot about them + was hoping to keep them until the end of the season! 🤣 Hmmm ... where did we put their replacements Aubameyang + Di Maria ... ? 😮
  4. Actually you might be quite thankful to Barcelona. Your fixture congestion would have been even worse! 11 league games in 2 months (the most of any Vibe team) plus an FA Cup semi-final (at least) plus another 2-5 ECL games. Total would have been 14-17 games in two months - ouch!
  5. Everyone got their heal + morale bonuses this month, except for Kun's Army + Out on Bale. Ouch. The title race is really odd to view, as the leaders have played 4 more games than 5th place for example. Is tight though. Again. General comments for each team:
  6. You’re going to replace one great player / inexperienced coach with ... ... another great player / inexperienced coach?! Ouch.
  7. Part 3 of 3: TEAM REVIEW Whose thriving + whose just surviving ... ? DanEnglish Now 5th - three points from top, but with 2 games in hand. @DanEnglishare surely top 4 contenders + perhaps unlikely title challengers?! DAMWON 9th - now eleven points from top, but with a huge 3 games in hand. @d e m a r a i have been struggling outside the top 7, but their improved form, trophy win 🏆 + 3 games in hand gives them hope. Sandwich Army 3rd - now just one point from top, with no games in hand. @broodje kip are surely top 4 contenders, but also have a wildcard element which means they could be title contenders or finish in the Europa League spots! Summary That’s all 9 Vibe teams done ✅ took longer than I expected to write up - urgh. What are your thoughts ... Interesting? Useful? Disagree?!?!
  8. Part 2 of 3: TEAM REVIEW Whose thriving + whose just surviving ... ? Blue Star United Now 1st - top of the table, but other teams have games in hand on them. @geordiekrispy are goal machines, but concede a lot too. Surely are top 4 contenders + potential title challengers?! Vice City 6th - now five points from top, with a game in hand. @Victor77 will likely qualify for Europe, but can they push into the top 4?! Yung Kings 8th - now eight points from top, with no games in hand. @YungGaffer has been struggling outside the top 7, but exceptional recent form gives them huge hope of climbing the league table for a better end to the season! Part III soon (whenever I have time. Later today?)
  9. Part 1 of 3: TEAM REVIEW Whose thriving + whose just surviving ... ? Out on Bale Now 4th - three points from top, but with 3 games in hand. @Rich are probably joint title favourites! Kun’s Army Now 7th - six points from top, but with a game in hand. @Kun Aguero has a wildcard team who could finish anywhere from 1st to 9th! Leeds City Now 2nd - level on points with the league leaders, but with a game in hand. @leedsunited87 are surely joint title favourites?! Part II soon (whenever I have time. Tomorrow?)
  10. Urgh. Red cards are killing me. Have got FOUR red cards in two months (six total for the season so far) Have also lost four + drawn one in that time. Coincidence? I think not. Basically if I get a red card, then I lose the game. Urgh. Also @YungGaffer what are you doing?! February = win 5 games with a total score of 15-1 ... including dominating @Kun Aguero / Kun’s Army 2-0 at home ✅ ... ... but then Yung Kings beat me TWICE while I’m at home 😡 😮 😡
  11. @Van The Man - quick question for you - if you are watching the highlights, where do you think most of your goals are coming from? e.g. crosses / corners from wide. e.g. through balls from your APs. e.g. high pressing leading to an opposition mistake. e.g. Kane just creating things out of nothing. e.g. long shots + direct free kicks. e.g. long / direct passes over the opposition defence. ... etc ... Usually a tactic focuses on getting more of 1-2 types than the other types. You can usually identify this by watching highlights, or looking at your top assistors / scorers. Am wondering where you think most of your goals come from ... ?
  12. DanEnglish team comments: Smashed both Blue Star + Vice City 3-0 each at home ✅ Disappointedly beaten 2-0 away from home by Sandwich Army, would have hoped for an away draw 😡 Smashing all the non-Vibe teams again this season ✅ ... ... but dropped 2 points with a 0-0 draw away at Bournemouth?! 😡 - if we won that (as I’d expect), then we’d be joint top argh! Expect to finish top 4, challenging but ultimately falling to win the title. Same prediction as before the season started. Some player commentary: Player of the season = Salah?! 34 goals + 4 assists in 30 games (+1.0 goal scored / game) ✅ But what is Lukaku doing? Only 13 goals + 4 assists in 26 games (0.5 goals scored / game). Thankfully we’ve got Lukaku up front as our TM, with Salah + Neymar as IFs (just as planned Mwhahaha!) Who will win the league? ... Bale? Leeds? Someone else?!
  13. @Titjes - potentially one mistake in the update - I think @Kun Aguero / Kun’s Army should have their heal bonus at end-Jan, as they scored 16 goals in 8 games. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s the “2-3” win that may have deceived you. Poor guy needs a break - especially with Lewandowski out injured! - EDIT - no - I’m wrong. Stupidly counted 1 goal from their 1-0 loss, my bad. @Rich you’ve had so many home games in Jan! As Away games is where we drop points, I’m hoping your March is only Away games! 😂 Plus your goal difference is massively boosted by that last 7-0 urgh. @YungGaffer / Yung Kings has a great month! 6 wins + 1 draw in 8 games. Improvement! @d e m a r a i / DAMWON went even better and won ALL of their games this month - though again they were mostly at home which helps, but still 8 (?) wins is amazing. Poor @broodje kip / Sandwich Army ended the month with THREE away games vs Vibe teams, only managing one draw + two losses. Ouch. Still got the heap + morale bonus which should help. EDIT - just noticed that @d e m a r a i / DAMWON have only played 18 games (two less than most of us). If he wins those 2 games in-hand, then he’s joint-second! Leap frog 🐸 !
  14. from memory: Zaha = 6 goals + 6 assists so far. Tadic = nothing (though only played 4 games, probably some/all as a sub) Urgh. Yes it didn’t work out how I wanted. Oops.
  15. Was ... er ... just testing to see if anyone paid attention ... 🤣 Just added Muller back in. Good spot. He’s a class player. With my new formation, I wish I still had him (instead of Tadic?!)
  16. Awesome Attackers Jan 1st. Here’s the offensive performance for our attackers ... those with either 10+ goal contributions (scores + assists) or those who were fun to add! Hot 🔥 🔥 🔥 Salah + Rashford are literally OFF THE CHARTS (look in the top right)! Fernandes + Haaland are also doing amazingly well. Alongside the 4 above, multiple others also average +1 goal/assist per game (inc. Edouard, En-Nesyri, Sane, Fati, Greenwood). Edit - bizarrely Felix (top left) has scored / assisted 16, but has a <6.9 average rating - suggests he scores many in a few games, then does little with a 6 rating in others (?) Edit - the assist kings are Merino, SMS, Pogba, (edit: plus veteran Muller!) + surprisingly an unselfish Neymar! Cold 🥶 🥶 🥶 Messi. Look in the bottom left corner. ~6.4 average rating. Ouch. Pulisic, Kean + Tadic yet to score + yet to assist. Lemar, Bamba + new signing Jesus all with <5 goal/assists. Aoura + Reyna both have 6.8 or less average ratings. Painful. Thoughts?! Edit - all I can think is ‘buying Salah from @Victor77/ Vice City was a bargain’
  17. @d e m a r a i was quoting his team’s GF + GA from the league table (all games this season so far). But @Titjes only counts the GF + GA in that individual month (from your fixture list, of only games that month). This is what the monthly bonuses are based on. I guess it was a misunderstanding. However the result is that neither @d e m a r a i nor I get our bonuses this month 😞
  18. @Titjes - nice update + good idea playing both months together 👍 Did you enjoy the winter World Cup?! 🤣 Also can you share how long Neymar is out for? As it’s a ‘red‘ injury - am guessing I’ll have to wait until the end-Jan heal bonus kicks in. Edit - the team is doing its best to stop league leaders running away with it ... Beat last years winners @Rich / Out on Bale 1-0 this month ... and the held to a 1-1 draw away from home at current (Unbeaten!) league leaders @leedsunited87 / Leeds City. Doing our best here.
  19. Yes. I’ve noticed that I often drop point in the league game inbetween two European games. It doesn’t help that your main GK (Simon) is injured right now 😞 with no heal bonus
  20. (Mildly) interesting notes on old players who were transferred in seasons 2 + 3: Hot 👍 Thomas Muller 👍 - @broodje kip / Sandwich Army - worth +$70m at the start of season 3, this playmaker is still rocking it - with 5 goals, 7 assists + a 7.66 rating in 18 games so far. Cuadrado 👍 - @d e m a r a i / DAMWON - the elderly right wing back is doing fantastic in season 3, despite being worth <$10m this season - with 4 assists + a 7.58 rating in 12 games. However fellow team veterans Ramos 🔻+ Milner 🔻are yet to play a game for DAMWON this season. Busquets 👍 @geordiekrispy / Blue Star United - the defensive midfield playmaker has been an inspired signing - with 4 goals, 1 assist and a 7.46 average rating in 15 games this season. And Not 🔻 Tadic 🔻- DanEnglish FC - the creative genius + assist king of seasons 1 + 2 has now only played 4 games, with no goals nor assists. Damn. Messi 🔻- @Victor77 / Vice City - the world's best player is no more. 6 games this season has given Vice City only 1 goal + 2 assists, with a miserable 6.50 average rating. Fellow Argentinian Aguero 🔻 is yet to play a game for the new team so far this season. Pjanic 🔻- @Kun Aguero / Kun's Army - the ex-Barcelona midfield 'do-everything' can't really do anything for his 2nd season in a row. Despite 15 games this season, he only has 3 goals + a rubbish 6.26 average rating. Note - there's no real science to how I picked these players - just ones that I recognised as being old (+30 during the draft) + had been transferred at some point.
  21. Ah. You do have a ... er ... very attacking formation. It’s quite likely to be suffer a lot of goals ... ... why? If you want to be more defensively solid, you can either do small tweaks (e.g. sub on a DMC + switch mentality for the last 20 mins to protect a lead, change the Poacher to a PF for a more effective press) ... ... or you’ll need a new formation / tactic - which I assume you won’t want to do. Sorry but there’s not much more I can offer on this - maybe someone else can help more? Thoughts? Edit - you cN always watch the extended highlights of a few games, look where the oppositions makes most of their chances from, then tweak to solve that.
  22. Interesting, Was that a one striker system (I.e. the CF and DLF were in different formations / games) ... or a two striker partnership (CF + DLF play together) ... ? If it’s a one striker system, did you see the CF or DLF drop deep to collect the ball? You can see on the SSolas thread that his DLF couldn’t drop deep as the AP usd taken his space. Therefore I’d suggest the CF / DLF can play well, but they’re not dropping deep like a DLF is being asked to. Happy to be corrected on this. Agree less tweaks is better. You’ve just got pick which tweaks you want - depends on your players + desired style of play. For sure I’ve mentioned too many, in the hope that you’ll try some of them (I.e. the ones that make sense to you). 100% agree.
  23. Spoiler Alert Europe didn’t go well *sigh* and now we are out of all the cups...
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