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  1. I use the 5 1 2 2 1 to cut the player cost, its cheaper for me to stockpiling defender instead of foward which is expensive to get one (esp. winger).
  2. This sh*t imaginary offer were stimulating ambitious personality
  3. This one is good one, work in lower league with low attributes player I tend to use several tweaks like TM-DLF-P Or TM-PF-P to face hardest one. And AP-BMW-RP Or BBM-RP-BMW to face hardest one For me the IF is the most crucial. I have demir with maxed stats but low strength usually cost me a game, instead using low stats ribery regen with high physical attribute Work into box seems didnt work on this tactics 😂
  4. You can speed up potential training by motivational coach, but its capped by what league you playing at, the best practice is loan them to the other club that guaranteed them playtime. You wont ever heard such a legendary strikers were born simply by playing in reserves league isnt it? The real concern is the exp system (player rating) strangled people to even reach their full potential. Thumbs down for that
  5. They need to work out with this system so we can reproduce someone like this by ourself
  6. If you just need targetman. Lack of freekick and penalty but resilient one. Im loaning at witham s1 and carlislie on s2. I dont even use him In my team, he cant developed with poor facilities.
  7. Im never win a game with a squishy physique foward. Dont know why 9 point of strenght foward become idol.
  8. You need scrap and shortlist them If the player dissapear from shortlist, that means the player were removed by the game and will regenerated in the next month or so. The easiest method is you need in game editor to look the stars of the new generated player. New regen other than goalkeeper usually have €30 wage with high value. You can confirm by the info from the scrapbook, they have same exact foot. The nationality can be changed thought (most of good regens come with high price and from good teams youth ex: liverpool youth) This one is gary bale
  9. You can find simply by add to scrapbook and find him after he dissapear from the game. You can search for the exact same foot, for me if you want find other than goalkepeer, just focus with the nationality or aerial. If below 18, aerial must be +1 - +4 If aerial 19/20 it can be -3 / -4
  10. Its harder to find goalkeeper regen for me, epecially if he have mainstream foot. How do you find people with "either" foot ? In my game some player were never shown as supposed to, eg. Harry kane regen
  11. I dont have enough money to buy other than him, hes cheap. Got around 7m if im not mistaken.
  12. Anybody have certain ways to force people retired and reproduce the regens next day / weeks ? In my saves i edit around 10 players but only found 7 of them after 2 month. Not to mention buffon were never regenerated in my save even hes retired already from season 2 ( im at season 5 now). Im wondering how your saves in fmm21 ?
  13. Vandenvoort need to play everygame at least on vnl/sky league 2 in order to fastern the development. Not to mention the communication is stupid. I recommend loan / buy arnau tenas, hes marginally better and have fast reaction trait.
  14. dag have strong starter squad, i would recommend using pressing foward in the front along with target man and poacher for a lower league.
  15. i dont have problem even with the old version, where ilaix were free ..