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  1. Krychowiak of Reims,useless in fmh but really great in reality
  2. I'm chinese and sorry for my bad English at first. I'm managing SL Benfica and I meet Glasgow Celtic in 18-19 Champion League Group D.A few seconds after the match begin,the game is terminated automatically.I open the game again and still the same.So I have to take holiday to skip the match.The second round match VS Celtic is still the same,but matches against other teams are normal.So I think it may be a bug of the game,not problem of my phone. Does anyone meet the same problem?
  3. Gourcuff

    Possible bug

    it includes players' salary
  4. Gourcuff

    A player you always buy?

    Inigo Martinez and Ruben Pardo
  5. I hope Olympique Lyonnais in reality can have as much money as it in the game.
  6. Gourcuff

    biding bug

    I'm managing Bilbao Athletic and met the same problem when buying Inigo Martinez.After 4 years' waiting I signed him as a free transfer...
  7. Gourcuff

    What club you playing?

    Bilbao Athletic,not my favorite club but a mode full of challenges.
  8. Gourcuff

    What devices do you guys use for fmh14?

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini...It seems my device is the worst in this topic?
  9. Gourcuff

    FMH 2014 Bug (Android)

    I met the same problem at first. For some other reasons I formatted my SD card only to find that it was solved.If you want to do this,remember to backup your private files and data.
  10. Gourcuff

    Intensive Training 2014 *Released*

    Is it useful for all players or only young players?
  11. Gourcuff

    Screen turn black after the copyright page

    I waited seven minutes...and reinstalled twice,it still can't run...T_T Thankyou anyway
  12. I'm a chinese and I'm sorry for my bad English at first... I'm using a Sony Ericsson ST15i and my screen is HVGA.I downloaded the game and let it automatically download the data,then I opened it,but the screen turned black(backlight was still on) after showing the copyright page.I uninstalled it and installed it again,even rebooted my phone,but the problem still exists. Does anyone have the same problem?I'm waiting for help...