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  1. Bit late here but thanks for everything you've done for the community @Dec! Without this site I'd have never enjoyed FMH as much as I did, and I genuinely really enjoyed all the time I spent on this site. Good luck in the future!
  2. Cheers, was chatting to a mate about FMH the other day which made me think of Vibe so thought I'd pop back and see what's going on! Yep that's me, saw you come up because I think Franco might've sent you a tweet so thought I'd give you a cheeky follow!
  3. Interesting challenge idea Ash, always enjoyed your careers! Good luck with this!
  4. Just read through this. Great idea Ash and a fantastic start!
  5. Without Silva the entire defence looked like they had no clue what they were doing...
  6. Dundee United midfielder Ryan Gauld has joined Sporting Lisbon.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll still be staying around on the site.
  8. Great season Ash Even quality from Lord Eldin
  9. Fantastic season Ash But how could you sell Borja after what he's done for you before?
  10. I had a dream I met Kim Jong-Un at the train station, unfortunately he wasn't there.
  11. Nimely :lol: I'd forgotten he was at Palace just over a season ago Great season Ash
  12. Castillo looks quality! Hopefully Eldin can perform better soon.
  13. I've never seen that one before. :blink:
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