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  1. I started it mostly bcs i had 5 CMs and they were all playmaker, so i did the Charts to see who could play as BBM. Also, i dont trust so much the raitings from my scouts. This is an easy way to compare new possible transfers with your team, to see what do you miss and where you have to buy semeone new
  2. sry i wasnt online so much. its simple: in the database you put all the atributes and name of the player, and then in the charts you see how good he is in compare to others added 0 minutes later Have you find out? you just put the attributes in the Databse Sheet
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Hi everyone, This is my 1st post ever on a forum, but i really wanted to share with you guys something. I have made some kind of a database in excell, where you insert your player attributes manualy and then you can compare your players per role on a chart. Im not an expert in FM neither in database making (and speaking english), thats why i would appreciate if you dear people take a look on what i've made and give me a feedback about what you think. Is it usefull or useless? What could i add or change to improve it? Im waiting for some answers All the best in 2021 from Croatia
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