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  1. What are the best role traits and how do I get players to gain them.
  2. I usually see a lot of Peruvians. When I do get players from small nations they just switch nationality to a bigger nation.
  3. There should be a thread with the best deals. For example I got Calvin stengs for 13 million.
  4. In each and every one of my saves I find a sweet Brazilian wonderkid but their names are so long. I wish I can nickname him without using the editor.
  5. In most my saves inter buys like 5 strikers which I find hilarious
  6. What’s the stat that prevents my strikers to not go offsides is it decisions?
  7. Yea I’m doing a lower League Portugese team and I’m in my second season and now finding nice regens and obviously got Serrano
  8. Update started a lower League save and I can’t find the right tactic to use but nico Williams might be the greatest signing ever
  9. I have been play fmm20 and it’s been really enjoyable