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  1. The only Dkfalcon tactic that worked for me was his Bayern treble winner.
  2. I’ve never used a iw. Mostly because I am less interested in making tactics rather I use plug and plays and I don’t see many tactics with them and I still don’t understand them (what they actually do in game and what attributes needed). and what I enjoy the most is develop players and sell them and watch them grow part of the game.
  3. Hmm, I know I saw this some where on vibe on why they don’t add player height and Weight but just add that information. Also I would like to see a more diverse youth intake like different nationalities (I think they have that on pc). And let me pick my affiliates instead of giving me a League two team from Bulgaria. And ffs stop simulating 15-25 minutes randomly in a game. edit: either fix Brazilian regen names or let me edit names without the editor.
  4. Unfortunately he has very bad professionalism so he might be one of the players I loan 2-3 times then sell for a ton of money
  5. I don’t get this game at times especially the award system this happens to me all the time. Why does my player do so much better the the guy who win and why didn’t my guy win this award.
  6. I’ve started to notice that Spanish youth regens that cost very little are very good an example is this cb worth £500
  7. The Roma player is mine and I’m drooling over the Portugese.
  8. Is this tactic still very efficient even this late into the game or would I have to change stuff?
  9. What a specimen. To bad his mentals aren’t the greatest and he’s inconsistent.