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  1. I use a similar tactic to this in my current game, but when playing a really strong team such as Man City who play a De Bruyne or Foden in the AMC/AP role, I really struggle. In tactics set up a played with moving the AM to DM and made sure that it doesn't massively affect the positions at set pieces. In game if I am struggling to pick up the opposition AM in the gap between defence and midfield I can make the position switch. If I don't do the above, I also use one of the full backs as an Inverted Wing Back to try and positionally cover the middle of the pitch. I think I am in season 5 in February and only 1 defeat and 1 draw as Falkirk. The one defeat was Man City after letting them get ahead in the 1st minute.
  2. C'mon city! Will watch with an keen interest as a one time Brechin Youth "wonderkid" and once mascot in a win over Dundee United!
  3. Well done @MrCaseiro clear winner! ๐Ÿ‘ Thank you @samhardy for putting this one ๐Ÿ‘
  4. Total So Far - 33 Italy 1-1 England (42) Round Total - 9 Tournament Total - 42
  5. Total So Far - 33 Italy 2-0 Spain (33) England 2-0 Denmark (33) Round Total - 0 Overall Total - 33
  6. I've never had one yet. Only realised they exist in mobile recently from seeing it in another post. Most of the time I just get obscure minor clubs.
  7. Lol, that was a high scoring round wasn't it! Kev = nil point Total So Far - 25 Switzerland 1 v 3 Spain (25) Belgium 1 v 1 Italy (25) Czech Republic 1 v 2 Denmark (31) Ukraine 0 v 1 England (33) Quarter-Final Total - 8 Overall Total - 33
  8. Season 4 Update Positives - 3 1st year academy players have become part of the first team rotation and contributing very strongly. One of those JJ Stone is an almost equal to James Graham, if not slightly more imposing. Falkirk has a 25,000 capacity stadium, with superb training facilities and superb youth academy (one of my original non-challenge goals) James Graham is now over half way to club legend status Negatives We won the Champions League, negative, because no way should that happen. There were no resets, no rage quits and I even wanted to loose. I did only just scrape through the group stage (which was nice), but then took out Dortmund, Barcelona and then Bayern Munich in the final (who did beat me in the group stage). I know I am have probably just found the sweet spot in terms of tactics, in match tweaks, squad rotation and team cohesion, but to win every trophy this year is not right. Anyway rant over, here are some pics for you to enjoy.
  9. Total So Far - 25 Wales 1 v 1 Denmark (25) Italy 2 v 0 Austria (25) Netherlands 2 v 0 Czech Republic (25) Belgium 2 v 2 Portugal (25) Croatia 0 v 1 Spain (25) France 2 v 0 Switzerland (25) England 1 v 1 Germany (25) Sweden 2 v 0 Ukraine (25) Round Total - 0 Overall Total - 25
  10. Yes, I can only work in years!
  11. 1. Forza Motorsport 2 - XBOX360, became the first game that I could have played forever (had the sequels not come along) 2. Street Fighter II - SNES, It was such an intense game that you could play in the arcade and also play together at home with friends. 3. Sensible Soccer - Just so much fun, can't remember where I played it first, but it def found its way to the consoles. Notable mentions - Also a big Super Mario Kart fan, Spy Hunter, Gran Tourismo 4 on Playstation, NHL 9x (prefer the older ones).
  12. For what its worth, I did turn it down. Then asked the board to improve training and youth facilities and they did so
  13. Yes really reluctant to accept. I've saved and walking away for a bit.
  14. I have just had for the first time a billionaire investor and the chairman asking me whether he should accept the investment or not. Has anyone else had a negative impact from this at all?
  15. Score After Round 2 - 18 Italy 1 v 1 Wales (18) Switzerland 1 v 1 Turkey (18) North Macedonia 0 v 2 Netherlands (19) Ukraine 1 v 1Austria (19) Finland 0 v 2 Belgium (22) Russia 0 v 2 Denmark (23) Croatia 0 v 0 Scotland (23) Czech Republic 0 v 2 England (24) Slovakia 0 v 1 Spain (25) Sweden 1 v 1 Poland (25) Germany 2 v 0 Hungary (25) Portugal 0 v 1 France (25) Round 3 Total - 7 Overall Total - 25