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  1. Even if it is China, the amount of goals you are able to get is incredible. Well done so far.
  2. A little update Creating a club legend and race to 100 - James Graham gets underway. As he is really young, going to pick and choose his games in the first season. The Wedding Challenge - Something new turned into something broke! The only one that is scoring well is Jensen Weir with lots of assists. Will give some other updates if people are interested, including tactic. Struggling to provide enough opportunities to rotate at the moment, a lot of games are Saturdays only. Got so used to playing with teams that were having two games a week. Need a smaller squad and hopefully when transfer window comes I can slim it down.
  3. Thank you both Pre-Season going well, all wedding players have got goals in friendlies, fingers crossed that continues.
  4. Okay here we go with the big update. Transfer business done ahead of kick off. Club Legend and Race to 100 - James Graham
, signed on loan with option to buy Gundogan Challenge - Think it will be Helmke in first season, but have these available to me for following seasons if I fail to do first time Wedding Challenge -
  5. I love these tactics as always, what is the thinking behind having time wasting on?
  6. Here are the transfers made so far, there are some others I am looking to bring in, i.e. a creative 32 year old, but hard with no money. Also a loan with option to buy for the legend and 100 goal challenge. Also looking at the loan market to back fill players I am trying to sell on.
  7. Ha thanks - You can imagine some opportunistic kid picking up match balls in the neighboring field and making a quick get away on his bike. Just re-reading the challenges now, didn't notice anything about squad size?
  8. The Bairns of Falkirk, will be my team of choice to have a semi-proper attempt at some challenges. Falkirk are my team of many years and although I don't live in Scotland anymore, way back when I used to have my season ticket in and go on the cup runs including being in the Celtic end at Parkhead for a surprise upset. This will be something that I will probably get heavily invested in once going trying to get Falkirk back in to the Premier League again. The big thing I used to love about Falkirk was the youth academy and some of my childhood friends went through this system. The other thing Falkirk used to do was to bring in older "legends" of the game (Chris Waddle, Mo Johnston, Tony Parks and so on) or returning child prodigies to supplement the squad. They also got promotion denied on many occasions from the Championship, with a couple of times being due to the stadium not being of a good standard. They do have a new stadium, but its a bit bizarre with a big gaping hole where more stands should be. It will be a strange start as the Scottish First Division doesn't start until October as per last years covid adjustments. My goals will be (as well as the challenges) to get the stadium upgraded to at least 12 thousand capacity and have impressive youth facilities producing quality future stars. Promotion from the Scottish First Division should be easy enough as the current squad should be capable of doing that, but I will need to This will not be easy and I will need to employ a lot of wheeler dealer skills to bring in low and sell high to be able to fund the expansion of the stadium and improvements to the academy. There isn't a lot of money in the Scottish game which will make this even harder. Challenge 1 - Creating a club legend Score to beat is Kenneth Dawson with 416 matches and 265 goals between 1935 and 1950. Challenge 2 - Gundogan's Victory challenge I have signed two German midfielders (one is a DC being retrained to DMC) Challenge 3 - The Wedding Challenge Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Challenge 4 - The Race to 100 Hopefully combine this with the club legend
  9. Yes - I actually signed him to try and get his brother to join, but that didn't work. They obviously don't get on. Will see if I can get him again on another career.
  10. My reserve GK, was actually my best set piece taker. With last game of the season and title in the bag I let him take them all and right enough an excellent assist from a corner. 7 crosses attempted, two completed and 1 assist.
  11. Just thought I'd close this off posting my lessons learnt at the end of the season. We did the domestic triple fairly easily, but Champions League escaped us after being put out by Liverpool whom we had many titanic battles with in each competition. I don't know why but always feared Origi over the rest of their players, just seemed to get those clutch oals. Does size matter - maybe it does, slightly inconclusive. The Team were never intimidated or out battled, conceded very few goals from corners as you might expect. Won lots of free kicks and penalties, but that could just be because it is Man U On the negative side, our possession stats were never great, but did get good opportunities. The players The good Isak does develop well into a really good goal scorer, developed by mid-season into a reliable and effective CF, would buy him again. Dijks very good as my first choice LWB Mert Muldur very good back up full back both sides Brandon Williams very good Matic was good Love McTomminay Greenwood is a superstar Zagadou performed well despite low aggression, not a single booking. Milenkovic worked well with Maguire, would change him to a NCB if being pressured. Milinkovic-Savic - Good back up goalkeeper, develops to 3* at Man U Dele Alli worked really well as back up for Pogba and Rashford. Kristoffer Ajer was a really useful utility player, became quite hard to leave out the team at the end. Got him as a BWM, but was more effective as a CM or CD. The bad Ocampos took criticism and kicked on, but still hit and miss (didn't learn English) Wamangituka not sure, like a Traore or Iwobi, headless chicken. Rabiot no thanks, did very little of note. Pasalic a real disappointment even as a squad player. Only worked with slow tempo. Dunk never really worked, maybe a step up too much. Weghorst effective but not very dynamic or involving of the rest of the team in build up Lloyd Kelly - undecided, but he is still young The to take note of Greenwood and Isak get tired a lot No really effective set piece taker hurt us, we had so many corners and free kicks outside the box that went unconverted. With Bruno may have been a different story Team really went off the boil at one point, especially with the Champions League Semi-Final despite constant rotation between two line ups. Limited to who I could buy to improve the squad with really only Haaland, Abraham, Zirkee, Milinkovic-Savic, Zanolio, Courtios, Sule, Mukiele the possible upgrades. If I was to continue this approach would need to think about different method going forward, i.e. Ariel of at least 16.
  12. Is this data on this site relevant at all for the mobile version - just happened to stumble across it? Even if not directly the same, assume it may be a good indicator. https://fmdataba.com/
  13. Not to let too much away, but shaping up to go after this record at Falkirk of 416 games and 265 goals. Can your player start as a loan signing and you complete full signing afterwards? I know its a bit of a risk, but it will be hard to attract players to Falkirk in League 1.
  14. Liking this, may inspire me to have a go too with Falkirk. Who is setting them up for Winter and getting the most assists?
  15. It is an interesting tactic and your results have been really good. Hard to spot trends in there, you have some games conceding loads and others where you have kept clean sheets. Whereas your scoring ratio is good. I wonder if your lack of width would be helped by the two outside forwards being Advanced Forwards, I imagine a Poacher or Pressing Forward would stay central rather than look to run into the channels.