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  1. Just found this, gold dust! Getting so many issues with work permits
  2. Thanks for this, I had been wondering the same thing. When in the scrapbook, how does it change so that you know. Does it just disappear?
  3. I bought him while managing Leicester as long term replacement for Vardy, but he went straight into the team as the right sided IF and lit up the Premier League from when I bought him in the January transfer window.
  4. What a great write up - thank you! I really like having the anchor man role or even a deep lying playmaker in that area, but have found it really hard to make work and also ended up making them the central CM. The pushed up wing backs obviously work for you, but it would leave me paranoid about the counter.
  5. Yes, Just lost my new starting RB for 13 months too
  6. Interested in trying this Guessing you have to wait for the job to become available before switching. * Sorry just noticed that this is for the old version
  7. Very interesting to see this, I have a lower division tactic which utilises 1 Shadow Striker, but also two IFs who are pushed up as far forward as they can go in both left and right wings. The idea being to pull the defensive line all over the place.
  8. Alternately I force play down the flanks and/or make one of my deeper midfielders the playmaker and converting the player opposing the DM to a Shadow Striker. By using the Shadow Striker, they put pressure on the on the DM and the CDs to win the ball back high up the pitch.