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  1. I had Kulusevski react the same way to Hendrick, but he then settled down. You were busier in the transfer market than may and that might pay off for you. I had a sluggish start. I got a £133m offer for Dybala which I couldn't turn down as I also wanted to improve the full backs. Then I had a £85 negotiated transfer for Sandro to Real Madrid. The only big signings I made was Robertson, Maitland Niles, then Pino thinking about the future. I also bought out Chiesa's loan so I could retrain his position. Trying to save money for a big signing to be my French #10 if the opportunity arrises. Decided to keep Ramsey as a friend for the premiership arrivals. Also kept the LB Frabrotta, who deputised really well when Robertson was injured.
  2. Sounds bizarre, but I try and include nationalities of players that I either have or want to attract. Also try and either have natural if I can. Not sure how much difference it makes. I also try and have a mix, i.e. coaches that focus on different areas and not duplicating on fitness for example. Only exception would be on Physios, I like to have two on prevention and one on rehabilitation. Formation I used to have a paranoia about, but no longer look at that.
  3. I just use my club scouts. Seems an inappropriate use of club resources, but hey. Guess if you are doing international only, it will make it difficult. Don't really enjoy the international management side of the game to be honest, doesn't feel fully developed.
  4. Good luck, that is a hell of a lot to bite off! You'll probably still do better than I did though.
  5. I get that too, you need to scout them to be able to see it there. You can however go to Team Report and see player ratings in either Suggested XI or Squad Depth.
  6. So Season two comes to an end These are the Challenges I am still working through Challenge 1 - Creating a club legend & Challenge 4 - The Race to 100 - with James Graham As mentioned above in a previous post, his goal tally for a 17 year old is very good I think. Turned into a big game player and it will be really hard to keep hold of him from bigger clubs. Goal Tally climbing His profile for the year Challenge 2 - Gundogan's Victory challenge Did a bit better this year and had al victories up to 6-0, but unfortunately not the 7, 8 and 9. Other stats from the season.
  7. Kev has rocked up in Turin, giving the big "look at my trophies, see what I have achieved" to wow the press and fans of the Old Lady, intending to set his authority from the outset. A cocky reporter from 
Gazzetta dello Sport, jumps in to challenge Kev's knowledge of Italian culture and language.
 If they had done their homework, they would have realised that Kev had done night school Italian gaining a grade B! Further impressing, Kev promises of building the team on a solid defence, progressive build up play and bringing in youth to progress within the structure of I Bianconeri. Little do they know that waiting behind the black and white wall screens that Kev is sat in front of to face the media, is his "big" new signing, the new Liam Brady! Kev is so sure of himself, that he is willing to bring a player from lower Premier League obscurity and turn him into one of the best number 10s Juve has ever had.

 The big reveal happens and there is stunned silence, chi e lui they all shout, with only the occasional person with an in depth knowledge of other leagues realising that this is Jeff Hendrick, previously released on a free transfer from Burnley. Promising that Kev is the extra special one and is able to turn water into a fine Chianti, he asks to be judged at the end of the season.

 The room is less than impressed. Kev faces Jeff and they pose for the photoshoot which will signify the start of their journey with Juventus

 Ladies and Gentlemen we present you the new Liam Brady - 
 This career thread will be my attempt at the The Fabled Number 10 Challenge. Please have a look at @gunnersaur's very fine attempt and example setting.
  8. Getting towards the end of the season and it is going well. The Championship was banked very early and actually a lot easier than League 1 surprisingly. I have only paid money for one player this season and he made a huge difference. Charlie l'Anson came in from Spain for £500k James Graham is already proving a big game performer at the age of 17. Ellis Block is a 16 year old regen on loan from Man U, a really tenacious forward, I absolutely adore him. Fat chance of getting him permanently though, hopefully might get him on loan again next season.
  9. Hi Another completed one to add to the list
  10. Okay we are done. Bride and Groom have driven off with the tin cans attached to the back of the car and the clear up can begin. Here are the results Profiles Totals Background items The season was hampered by injuries to the key player, despite best efforts to keep them fresh. Di Maria was the star, but also the most injury prone. Digne and Kean played the most games, but Kean was difficult to keep from being tired and demotivated. I thought Digne did well for a full back and could maybe picked up a few more goals The Mbappe re-training worked once I could get back into the formation with the full team, but too late to really rack up a big score. @Alexotelli - can you add my scores please?
  11. Just on the back of retraining Mbappe He had a clean run at that position for the last few games of the season and well...
  12. To be honest, it was really hard to get him playing there with all the injuries. He has probably been the least effective of the four, but will hopefully come good towards the end, especially as Kean is really struggling with his energy levels now.
  13. Getting near the end and season really killed by injuries, they just keep coming. I deliberately kept the squad quite tight, but suffering for it now. Being sympathetic towards playing time too, rarely do any of the wedding party play 90 mins. Trying to keep the enthusiasm going until the end of the season. Nearly there!
  14. Bit of an update with some of my latest findings after using PSG, Man Utd and Spurs
  15. Nice to see it working. I am using a very similar one at the moment, except I have one of the full backs as a WB, next to a central defender who is a NCB. On the other side a DFB next to a BPD. In central midfield, on the same side as the WB is a CM and the side of the DFB is an AP. The Defensive midfielder is occupied by the Anchor role, but I think that is because of the quality of my players and tends to be an "older gentleman" The wide AM role ahead of the DFB is a Winger too. Just seems to give me different ways to attack Keep up the good work
  16. Hey gunnersaur - you ripped through that challenge and smashed it. Maybe have to wait a lot longer until my results. I have been lying awake at night trying to think of what players I would use though. Going to finish the wedding challenge and hopefully make a start this week.
  17. Update time First the good. Then the bad With Di Maria still out, Did manage to get Ocampos on loan at the end of the Transfer window. Then........ And then, although not part of the wedding......
  18. I have had a few more injuries, which has really stretched the team. I tried changing to a 4-2-4 formation to try and get more goals, but with the injuries I just can't fulfil the positions. Transfer window is coming and I am looking to bring in Bruno Henrique and Mikel Merino. Henrique to provide cover up in FC and AML positions, then Merino as a roaming / deep lying playmaker left footed competition for Verrati and a bit more size into the team. Di Maria has been quite pivotal to the team, so him missing is hurting
  19. Some interesting goings on Who is this that I have on loan, is it a Rooney regen? Well I don't know what is going on (vs Rangers Reserves) Battered Belgium and got beat 4-1. Just shows that quality can win out in the end.
  20. I'm watching and learning This is on my next list. I would have gone for Hendrick too and great first set of results Good luck! 👍
  21. Getting Esposito to hit over 100 goals again is ridiculous - well done!
  22. Great results and write up. I haven't seen many formations that have disciplined behavior. Any thoughts about how that helped you?
  23. Makes sense given that even Pogba starts as accomplished
  24. Taking a sneaky interest in this even if I already have too many games on the go already. By green, do you mean full bright green, or as the game descries it, do the need to be Natural or can the be Accomplished? Not a lot of choices to replace Liam Brady. I can see one obvious, but he would start accomplished and need to be retrained to Natural.