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  1. May be there is too much competition in your squad and just realise they won't get much time to play. May be!
  2. Hi Guys, One of the annoying thing in FMM is to start a career from a lower league; There you try to get some financial upgrade so you could buy players that can help you with back to back promotion to the top league. But to your own disappointment the little teams defend so well just to kick your **s within the 90minutes or extra time shocker. I don't know for others but me, it makes the game completely boring; with all the analysis and brain storming to create a team and tactics that never fulfills is absolutely frustrating. And with that struggle i partially found something that luckily works for me; Something more flexible up front and solid at the back (trying to disorganize the opponents as usual) At first i thought it wont work, but football managing is all about bravery. Note: i created a club at the Welsh second Division. Any corrections, suggestions, e.t.c PLEASE DON'T BE SELFISH: "share it"
  3. Hi! So, I have been trying to create a good tactics that can fit low quality players i.e; a relegation battle team to a mid-table finish or more, and in that process i came up with an idea of creating a tactics based on possession dominance (the more your team controls possession the higher they have the chance of scoring). Like just imagine disorganizing your opponents with sleek passing moves that they cannot attack nor counter attack, because they get too little touch the ball. Well i have created something that works almost that way, but i think it needs some adjustment Here;