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  1. Great to see Dane Scarlett in one of these challenges, hope he does well for you mate! Second coming of Harry Kane?👀
  2. Always liked him - I had a Roma save quite early into the game and he was outstanding, ended up leaving me for Leicester 🤣
  3. Smashed it there with Zaniolo mate, some ridiculous stats from a single player! Going strong, keep it up 😄
  4. It took me like 2 hours yesterday to catch up with everything from the start but I can tell you one thing ... it’s bloody exciting and I’m a bit sad I didn’t get to see things happen as they came but it’s absolutely thrilling stuff! I’m gonna back @Rich to win. Sorry @broodje kip😅
  5. Cracking effort mate! Looking forward to see who your Del Piero will be👀
  6. Do all the marquee signings for each season have to be attacking midfielders? And do only league goals and assists contribute to the total score?
  7. We’re back again! 2 uploads yesterday and another one today, as you can tell work has been really busy😅. Season 5 - Napoli We’ve got a lot of defending to do with Napoli this year as we won everything but Champo last season and we will have all the teams gunning for us as we try to win it all. Let’s see how it all went. Transfers OUT: Matarangolo left us after he was tempted with Premier League opportunities at Leicester and this was really the only departure which I was somewhat unhappy with. He is considered a wonderkid and one that was showing great improvement but unfortunately he no longer plays for us. I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of him just yet however. Transfers IN: Diaz was my Boga/Matarangolo replacement and followed Ibañez straight into the starting XI. Few rotation players and some wonderkids - Nascimento Castro, Akame and Strefazza. Oh and we finally got our hands on Lautaro but he isn’t as good as I would’ve imagined him to be. Here’s all the signings at the end of the season: The Team: A quick glance at the starting XI and not much has really changed. The midfield is almost identical but with Zieliński aging and our wonderkids looking pretty damn good, expect this to look different next year. Osimhen might leave us too but he’s been lacklustre this season and we could invest the money elsewhere but we’ll see. Manager’s Profile & Achievements: World Coach of the Year for the first time for me in FMM21. Quite an achievement and one I didn’t expect to come this early in the save. 6th best manager in the world (bit of a contradiction to the reward but we move) and we’re nearing a billion spent on players which is quite exciting. 261 games played and we will have 6 times that by the end of this career. Sheesh😅. Team Profile, Stats & Competitions: Good ratings across the board but we certainly lacked that special someone who would just score for fun. Kuscevic is only 17 and he might be my first choice next season in hope that he does find a proper rhythm. We managed to play really well throughout the season and won the league quite comfortably in the end. Way too many draws however and we will look to improve on this in the next one. We defended everything as was the goal but we crashed out against Leverkusen in the Champions League following a 2 - 1 aggregate defeat in the quarters. Individual Achievements: Gianluca Matarangolo: U19 Player of the Month September and December 2024 (thought I’d include him since he was with us at the time and I’m still miffed that he left us) Luis Díaz: Copa América Best Player 2024 Claudio Kuscevic: South American U20 Championship Best Plater 2025 Gianluca Gaetano: Serie A Player of the Season Serie A Team of the Year inclusions: Gérald Blanc, Angeliño and Gianluca Gaetano 🌟 Player: Junior Akame - Best £3.1m I’ve spent on this game. A class player already and still only 16 he will be a major part of the team next season. Already played 20 games for us and returned 12 goal contributions, outstanding. He’s improving a lot and is on track to be a world class player in the not so long future. We love to see it. Notable Matches: Bottle Jobs: Bizarre News: Ousmane Dembélé plays for Birmingham. Spent over £100m on this man when we were at Tottenham, now he’s playing for these lot. It just hurts my eyes😂. Arsenal have won the Premier League. I won’t care to comment. Leverkusen are managed by Pep Guardiola himself. Caught me off guard when we came up against them in the Champions League and he proved that he can still do a job in Germany. Class. Conclusion: Season 5 comes to an end. 1/6 of a way to the finish line so there’s plenty more to come your way. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to secure Champo this yeah either Napoli but we will tweak the team here and there and hopefully try to challenge for it next season - unless someone fancies us to take a chance with their team. We shall see. Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Season 6 will be out soon so I hope to see you there. Goodbye for now👋🏽 LR❤️
  8. I’ve only just caught up with all this and it’s actually mind-boggling to see the stats on some of the regens. Really good going mate and I’ll be following to see if you can get the 1K. Dane Scarlett is calling my name and I might have a go at this myself😅.
  9. Might have to see if we can get a job there at some point and do them some justice 😂
  10. Haha I thought you might’ve done😂. Thanks mate!
  11. Completely forgot that the final hasn’t been yet but here’s the Champions League final result: Sheesh.😅
  12. Double upload🥳 1 season. 2 different teams. Let’s see how we got on in our second half of the season begind the wheel of Napoli. Season 4 (Part 2) - Napoli We’re taking over the team at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium toward the end of December 2023 with the aim of defending the title and maybe a bit of silverware on our way. Transfers OUT: Out of the transfers below the deals that were made by me were: Gazzaniga to Vigo (That’s the second time he’s left me in this save, he must really dislike me😅), Lobotka to Benfica and Lozano to Spurs. The rest were already done during the summer. Transfers IN: A lot of business in the arrivals department which was much needed due to a general lack of squad depth. Only player on this list who I didn’t sign myself was Tommaso Mancini - he went out on loan straight away. I will attach the player profiles below so you can have a closer look at the players - I feel like this will come in handy once we get signing regens or lesser known players. The Team: I forgot to do this in the previous parts but I feel like it is necessary for you guys to be able to know what kind of starting XI we’re playing with. Manager’s Profile & Achievements: Surprised to see a 19 next to Loyalty since we’re already at our 3rd club in the space of 4 seasons. Just the one award this season as we are named the Head Coach of the Year 2024. Team Performance, Stats & Competitions: An outstanding season! We won everything we could, apart from the Champions League. As we didn’t join until December, all the group fixtures were already played and Napoli were poor and finished rock bottom of their group. I didn’t mind that, imagine if we had won it and had to change clubs again. I’ve only just started getting used to these lot😅. You may recall that we left Lazio sitting pretty in 2nd place back around Christmas. Unfortunately they didn’t do so well in the second half of the season and ended up finishing 8th. Still not bad for a promoted side - Sheffield United vibes🤷🏽‍♂️. Individual Achievements: Player of the Month March 2024: Antony U18 Player of the Month March & April 2024: Gianluca Matarangolo Serie A Team of the Year inclusions: Piotr Zieliński, Jeremie Boga, Eljif Elmas and Victor Osimhen 🌟 Player: Eljif Elmas - Was brilliant through the whole season and racked up 22 goal contributions in 39 matches. Very good numbers for a AMC and will play a crucial part in the hunt for Champo. Notable Matches: Slight change to these as well. I will just show you the match reports from the games so you can see in detail how it all went down. Bottle Jobs: Bizarre News: Your wish is my command @broodje kip. Newcastle drop down to the Championship after a measly total of 20 points. Ouch. Rennes continue the French revolution and win the title as PSG come third. Dortmund win the league in Germany but the shocker here is Bayern only making it as far as 6th and missing out on the Champions League. Serge Aurier at Blackburn. It just looks... odd. Conclusion: There we are for Season 4. It started with our freshly promoted Lazio and it finished with us retaining the crown with Napoli. I really enjoyed it and I’m sorry to any Lazio fans but rules are rules😅 We’ll be back in the Champions League next season after a 2 year absence and I think challenging might be difficult unless we get some big names in the Summer transfer window but who knows, stranger things have happened. Looking forward to your comments and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading - let me know if you prefer the more ‘straight to it’ format or if I should get back to waffling😅 Take care and see you soon! LR❤️
  13. Hello again gentlemen!🎩 We’ll get straight to the business in Season 4, where a bit of an interesting twist means that it will be separated into 2 parts. Season 4 (Part 1) - Lazio After having won the title in Serie B, we bounced straight back up to the First Division with one aim in sight: rebuild and become competitive again. Transfers OUT: In a similar fashion to the previous season the majority of the departures were due to the fact that the players were unhappy with the relegation, and even though we were back in the A league, they still wanted to move on. Most notably Joaquin Correa and Amine Adli whom I had plans for in the upcoming season. Transfers IN: Having lost a lot of key figures from the team the season prior we needed to strengthen all across the board and we did just that with a large intake of players from all over the place, as well as some very cheeky free transfers. (Also, if someone would be so helpful and let me know how I can ‘hide’ the photos It'd be much appreciated, then I can show you the player profiles, etc.) Team Performance: Feels a bit of a strange one showing you this after just 15 league games played this season but the reasoning behind this, if you haven’t guessed yet, is because that’s all the games we will be playing with Lazio this season👀. A very good return, with only 2 losses in the entire campaign, had us sitting pretty in 2nd and the prospect of European football became a bit more real. Team Stats & Individual Awards: Martial proved to be the right man for the job. 16 goal contributions in 11 games showed me that he still has a lot to offer, maybe not in England, but he was definitely making the Serie A his own. This was further justified as he became our only player to secure an individual award as he was named the Player of the Month for October 2023. It was also enough for me to name him the 🌟 Player for the first half of the season. Game of the Season: Serie A: Lazio 2 - 0 Inter This was a very competent display against a side who should be challenging for the title. Moro did pick up an injury which meant he would be sidelined for about a month, but Zirkzee did well to score a second and calm my nerves as we topped one of Italy’s biggest teams. Bottle Job of the Season: Italian Cup Third Qualifying Round: Lazio 0 - 1 Reggina An early exit out of the cup this year. Definitely hoped we could have a good run and challenge some of the top sides but Reggina had different plans and capitalised on our lack of finishing. Quite a surprising result in a match I thought we were almost guaranteed a win. Conclusion: No Bizarre News just yet as the season hasn’t come to an end, however this might be worth an inclusion in itself: we are leaving Lazio after a season and a half and will be moving on to a different team. What will make this much more intense is the fact that it’s another Italian team who have approached me for the job and better yet, it’s the current champions. An unexpected end to our Lazio chapter but one that I will remember fondly and I look forward to battling against them in the seasons to come. Here’s a look at the table and you’ll soon notice, that it might be a rather heated battle against our former side as we battle to become back-to-back champions with Napoli. How exciting!😄 Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far and i’ll be seeing you in the near future to update you on how we got on in Naples. Take it easy! LR❤️