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  1. Season 2 is well underway and hopefully an update will come tomorrow 👀
  2. I do apologise for butting in @FuddledFox, but I think you must’ve wrote a typo with @Daejeoncitizenworship using Hamburg twice😅.
  3. That’s alright! We’re fortunate to be blessed with a outstanding forward line, they made up for it😄 Our defence might’ve been set up a bit too advanced but that’s been sorted now, hopefully we’ll be better next season!😄
  4. Can’t wait to see what you can do with the ‘old-boys’! It’ll be a fun competition to see how far we can go😄. Here’s Mr.Vogel: And here’s Mr.Davies: Some really impressive stats from both parties😄.
  5. Was definitely one of the players I was most impressed with!
  6. Those Aerial stats proving to come in handy!😄
  7. 40 goals in massive! You got yourself a few caps for Wales too, no goals as of yet though. I think we’re taking all of them😅
  8. Of course you can! The partnership of dreams!😍
  9. Season 1 Review We've completed our first season and I’m really enjoying the league format. The seasons get done quick and it’s a fairly competitive league. I wasn’t sure what to really expect from the team so I set myself a goal of a mid-table finish. Here’s how we got on: Team Performance/Competitions Eredivise: We’ve done an amazing job this season! Our 4th place finish in the league meant that we entered the play-off for European places. We scraped a 1-0 against AZ and we were off to play Utrecht in the Final. Our defensive record was one of the worst in the league so that’s something to improve on next season. I’ve dropped our wing-backs down to full-backs and it’s seemed to do much better so we’ll run with that and see if we can plug up that leaky defence. We’re in Europe!!! Well, not technically yet but we’ll be entering the qualifiers so there’s a prospect of us playing some big teams in the Conference League. It’ll bring great experience for the lads and hopefully we can go far! Dutch Cup: I completely forgot to take a screenshot of the game but we ended up crashing out in the Fourth Round against Cambuur. Lost 3-2 and even though a late push saw us claim back 2 goals, the veterans really didn’t do well. Shame but it allowed us to focus on the league. Fixtures A lot more red than I would’ve hoped for but it’s okay, we’re only getting started and the boys are steadily improving and slowly become world-beaters. The big teams in the league proved to be a challenge and that’s where we’ve dropped a majority of the points. Still a good showing and we did well to establish ourselves as contenders in the seasons to come. League Stats Goals: @Rich/Davies was in a league of his own! Did fantastically well to claim the Golden Boot and @broodje kip just about made it into the top 10. Our attacking force is looking really scary and the opposition defenders should be shaking in their boots. Assists: @leedsunited87/Marty with a massive 20 assists! Truly a world class talent, he is making the Dutch league his playground. @Rich also gets into the top 10 with 9 assists bringing his total goal involvement in the league to 37! Club Records 2020/21 Not much to say here really. Would’ve hoped for a longer win streak but every time we picked up some pace, a big team would just turn up and take us down a peg. The 5-4 win against Sittard was a great game to witness and I’m sure the fans loved it too! Individual Awards @Rich/Davies - Top Goalscorer Great 1st season for our Welsh marksman! Really settled into the league well and I’m hoping his form continues as we look to challenge the big boys next year. @broodje kip - Young Player of the Year The Dutchman had no problems taking on the Eredivise. It’s his home league and he showed that he is very comfortable here. 19 goal involvements really set up our Wonderkid for a fantastic future. Player Stats/Profiles We’re very consistent. Almost all of our players averaged a rating over 7 with only @MertNobre dropping below that. It’s not alarming however, we’re sure he’ll bounce back and have a great second season. Our coaches rate the team very highly. @YungGaffer/Yashin and @leedsunited87/Marty come in as our most expensive players with massive price tags! £31.5 and £84 million respectively. Some impressive gains from our central midfielders too, @Mr B/Vogel and @hhooo/Lamela-Peters have become crucial members of the team. Youth Intake Only the one stand-out player for us. Funke will join up the 1st team and will provide a promising back up for @YungGaffer/Yashin in case he needs it. Looks pretty good already and will hopefully improve steadily with the odd game here and there. Season Overview Ajax still hold the crown but I’m hoping that we can be the first team to change that. Venlo did brilliantly and managed to take home the Dutch Cup. Man City finally made their dreams come true and secured the Champions League with Barcelona winning the Europa League. Sing of things to come? That’s everything for Season 1. Great foundation and something we can build on next year. The veterans have all been replaced but you won’t find out who has joined us until the next update. There’s some names you’ll definitely recognise. Let’s just say - the streets won’t forget😄. Thanks to all who have joined in! Hope you enjoy reading this and any comments are much appreciated. If you want to see you actual player profile then let me know and I’ll post it for you. Hope you have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you soon, take care! L
  10. Congratulations to @leedsunited87/Marty on his National team call-up!
  11. Thank you😄 It’s the partnership we never knew we needed!😄
  12. He was brilliant! Also, just as a side note, you’ve scored 5 goals in our first friendly😅.
  13. Meet the Team! (Please bare in mind that the stats are auto-generated by the game and ignore the ‘squad status’ - you’re all very much needed!😄) @YungGaffer/Yung Yashin A great young prospect with a lot of promise! Outstanding handling and reflexes for our wonderkid sweeper keeper make him a great shot-stopper already. @StuartM/Simon Trevitt Unfortunately the game decided to be cruel to our wing backs. Trevitt comes in with a good rating for pace and stamina but his positioning needs desperate improvement - off to the training ground we go! We know he has the potential. @MertNobre Our Turkish left wing-back looks better than his partner on the other flank but there’s definitely room for improvement! Really good stamina and he’s considered a consistent player, let’s hope he can get going as soon as possible! @Kun Aguero/Paolo Maldini Jr. Now here’s one for the years to come. The relationship to the legendary Maldini is unconfirmed as of now but we have a slight hunch that he might be the seed of one of the best defenders to ever grace football. 20 Strength combined with a 16 for Aerial make him impenetrable. Very impressive, and like fine wine - he will only get better with time. @hhooo/Erik Lamela-Peters FMM didn’t do our Maltese midfielder any favours. Really good Stamina means that he can fulfil his BBM role but we will be looking to improve his technical and mental attributes. Hopefully plenty of game time will do just that. @Mr B/Kristoff Vogel What we will consider as the more creative one of the bunch, our second central midfield is pacy, strong and can definitely dish out a pass. Good potential to improve could see him become a reliable member of the team. @leedsunited87/Marty Leeds Absolute specimen. Already considered a ‘world-class’ winger, he really is the cream of the crop. Outstanding stats all over the board will definitely attract a lot of interest but we are very keen to have the Englishman with us for a long time. @Titjes/Sir Titjes We are very well equipped on the wings. The Belgian has great pace and dribbling and even though he is quite an experienced player, he still has plenty of room to grow and will definitely enjoy the competition with @leedsunited87/Marty to see who can get the most assists. If I was @Rich I’d be very happy to have these two pinging balls in for me😄. @broodje kip Now here’s our bread and butter (see what I did there?😉). The 17 year-old playmaker comes in with very impressive stats right of the get-go and will certainly look to establish himself as a core member of the team straight away. Great decision-making and outstanding potential make him a certain starter and a future legend. @Rich/Richard Davies Our main man! The 24 year-old Welshman comes in looking very balanced and holds plenty of experience under his belt. Still plenty of room to grow could see him break all kinds of league records and with an astounding trifecta of players behind him, his supply will never be lacklustre. @Victor77/Victor Alexander Victor is the side dish to our Sandwich. Him and @broodje kip will share the AMC spot in the team and he will play every other game. With room to grow, the Nigerian will certainly hope to become a sensation and he might as well do it. He’s young and hungry so definitely one to keep an eye on. So there you have it , that’s the boys… but wait, who’s that? HERE COMES THE MONEYYYY!!! No it’s not Shane McMahon, it’s the captain of the squad, me!😄 Couldn’t let you have all the fun could I? The 30 year-old Polish chap comes in to provide guidance for the youngsters and to complete our starting XI. He said in his recent Instagram post: “Delighted to captain such a great team of young prospects. Hopefully we can get going right away and settle into the league without a problem.” Very professional indeed. Here’s a look at the starting XI: So there you have it folks! That’s the team, I’ve had to sign up some players to make up the numbers and that was done the same way as it was back at Vibe FC, only players over 30 are allowed and they will be sold/released after a season. Hopefully our youth facilities prove to be great and then we will source our backup players from there😄. I’ll aim to have all our players play the games but fitness, injuries and international fixtures might need our veterans to step up here and there. You can see them in the spoiler below: Oh how could I forget? The Gaffer! He is a man of class, a man who is quite reserved but can definitely get the best out of the players around him. He’s most-notably played for Ajax, HSV, Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid. Ladies and Gents, it’s Rafael van der Vaart! We’re now ready to kick off Season 1. I will post full season updates as often as I can. With regards to transfers - everyone’s staying unless someone request a transfer themselves. Excited to get this going again and hopefully it’ll be more enjoyable with more frequent updates. Can’t wait to see what you boys can do!
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