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  1. A couple more 'thrives in big games' players was all it took.
  2. Big leap of faith to sign someone with potentially lower attributes than what I have but 'big match' personality. Worth a try though? Captain will be de Light once Coady retires. I have high hopes for him. Never holiday - I know if I even did it a bit then I'd just get addicted and holiday all the time.
  3. Finished season five with Wolves. Won the Premier League every season. Tactics I started with the 'beating the cucumbers 4-2-3-1 Liverpool way' from this forum and gradually adapted to a 4-1-2-2-1 with basically the same mentality and instructions. Transfer strategy is sign wonderkids and blood them into the first team gradually - I never get to sign top players like Haaland etc. because I can't offer higher wages than 200kpw, but my wonderkids have developed to the point where their stats are just as good basically. Conditioning, I always rest and rotate so that my whole team is 100% before a really big game. Problem... I only have one Champions League to my name. Every year my team smashes the domestic league but bottles it against either R.Madrid or Barca - always in the final, or the semis. My only CL trophy to date felt like a fluke because I beat a poor Athletico Madrid 4-1 having had an easy run to the final. Losing to Real or Barca follows the same formula each time as well - first leg I fail to score, concede from a daft mistake at the back (wing back tries to pass to keeper from the corner flag or something similar lol), then lose or draw the second leg despite throwing everything at them for 90 mins. So what is the more likely source of failure: Is my team too young/inexperienced and that's why they're bottling the big games in Europe? Do I need older pros in my team? OR Should I adapt my tactic for European games to be more conservative against the big boys? In your experience(s), what sounds the more likely solution here? I feel like my amazing team will go off the rails if I try both at the same time.
  4. Premier League has been a piece of cake with this tactic as well. Barely spent any money, got Leo Campana and Troy Parrot on loan deals and Rodon as an upgrade at centre back, not a goal fest but tight at the back and comfortably top half with 20 games gone. In previous FMs first PL season with Birmingham was always a slog, this time feels different.
  5. Finally done a season with this one. I'd say very good tactic, defensively solid and creates enough chances to win more than you'll draw. I've done a Birmingham save every year since about FMM2015 and have never gone up automatically in the first season, until now... Only tweak I made is changing the midfield two to DLP and BWM and dropping the Libero. This was because I was getting overrun in the middle of the park every game which wasn't good for the blood pressure. Chances come from my TM and Poacher getting into wide areas, picking up the ball behind opposition fullbacks (who are caught out because they pressed my WB), and charging inside for a shot or to lay it off to my SS. Scored a fair few from corners too where having three tall centre halves is a bonus. Transfer wise I just had a policy of selling everyone who had a bad influence on the dressing room (Bela, Sanchez, Toral, Crowley) and looking for players to fit the roles in this 5-2-1-2 system (SS, Poacher, WB). I actually made a profit in transfers which again might be a first for me. Bottled the league title on the last day despite being more than ten points clear at Christmas. I think this was a result of my strikers all performing worse in the second half of the season.