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  1. Always coming back to this combo, that 442 is best FMH tactic this year. Champion with herta with 3 games to go
  2. I did like that 8 goals scored in away game! When leading by two goals im lowering that BWM down and changing WB's to FB's and it helps defending a bit and still score some.
  3. Only used it from Wolfsburg match, so 7 games and 6 wins as Frankfurt (test save), i will test it in italy as well. Good tactic 👏
  4. Plugged it in my 2nd season with Bremen, its only 4 games but it looks very solid so far.
  5. 352 tactic with solid defensive record, tested with Levante 2nd season: finished 2nd and won Euro cup. And Torino: 1st season, no transfers, finished 2nd with best defence. This tactic is a tweak of clasic 442 from this thread.
  6. Wingerless tweak of Your tactic, levante first season.
  7. Yes, especialy against bigger teams if played small team away and not winning after first half changing to 442 to score.
  8. Used Your 442 at home and tweaked it to 352 for every away games, Julian Naggelsman style;)
  9. Testing something like that, went 5th with poor mainz first season with no transfers. In every match raport i was getting info "poor use of width" i thinking it was due to very poor WBs. Second season is going better so far.
  10. PSG was to strong for Us this year. What is Your opinion about 352 flat formation? Without wingers, but Wingbacks and two strikers?
  11. Works quite well in France with Monaco default team. Great work!
  12. Very good result with schalke, 2nd place. But only 10 clean sheets. Next save i will try tweak it in two 442 formations for home and away.
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