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  1. Player stats? Who were the top scorers and assists etc
  2. Can we get proof of results and also player roles in English?
  3. Have you tested from the beginning of the game without the use of regens?
  4. It's EME as there is the 'Clear Cut Chances' on the match screen.
  5. As if the original 1KC isn't hard enough.... I look forward to the future careers this challenge may bring tho! Far too many things out of your control which could make or break the career also
  6. Thats a great start for such a young striker, it can only get better!
  7. As the Facebook page has announced, it's been released
  8. Lol go buy the game and stop downloading it illegally.
  9. unlicensed? Do you mean the "version" you don't pay for?
  10. Its a pretty decent start, your team will improve with purchases which can only mean more penalties! Good going, might have to give this one a try myself
  11. Hardly ever post/comment but with following this journey i have to. This was insane and such a great read, massive congratulations!
  12. I can not remember for the life of me haha, sorry
  13. Maybe post some results to prove how good it is?
  14. Maybe put up some screenshots of your results as people would be more inclined to test it.
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