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  1. Why is it that no relationships are forming between midfield and my forwards or between my forwards? As you can see, my midfield and defense are forming some nice relationships, which I assume helps them play better together, but nothing up front. I regularly play these players together in this formation and have been doing so for quite a few games now. Any ideas? Ultimately I'm smashing the premier league right now, but i want more pretty lines!!
  2. Thanks - in the end I started using 2x BPD and it seems to have mostly cut out those stupid balls upfield
  3. Thanks for the tips. Annoyingly all things I'm either doing already or don't really want to do (deep line, wing playmakers etc.) I'd have twice as many clean sheets if my stupid keeper would just PASS IT WIDE TO THE FULL BACK
  4. Why is it my keeper almost always hoofs the ball upfield from goal kicks even though I've set distribution to short and there's often a free defender to pass it to? Every single game he does this repeatedly and at least once it will lead to them scoring as he inevitably kicks it to my tiny AMC. Any way to fix this??