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  1. Okay everyone through further consideration I am starting the trophy hunter save with Monchengladbach starting tonight.
  2. Ok thank you. I will go with them so I at least start in Germany again. New or old database would you say?
  3. Also would it be better to start on the new database
  4. I would defenitly consider both. Serie A top 7 teams are all close in quality and I think if I did well with Atalanta I could always take a better job added 0 minutes later Who would be like the key players and who are the youngsters
  5. That could be fun. If I did that I would need to keep Haaland and Sancho for a couple years to try and win the league unless I take another job.
  6. Probably right but for the purpose of the challenge I want to start with a first division team because I only have 30 years to win all of those trophies. Have any suggestions
  7. Hi guys unfortunatly by Wolfsburg save did not save properly so I have to restart. Are you able to give me some team ideas for the start from England, Germany, Italy or Spain? I was ten games in with Wolfsburg and dont want to restart with them. Also should I use the new database or the original?
  8. Hello evryone, I will now be starting a Trophy Hunter series. I have loaded England, Germany, Italy, and Spain. The goal is to win every competition possible in each country at least once. I am allowed to go back and forth between a country. I have decided to take on Wolfsburg first to try and win German silverware. Hopefully I will accomplish this series. I want to win every domestic trophy and continental trophy. I will keep everyone updated on how it goes.
  9. Thank You. Does it really benfit using the affiliate for young players instead of loaning to a normal club
  10. Can someone show me how to loan out to affiliate. My assistant keeps recommending it in my genk save but i dont know how?