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  1. This tactic is really good. I used it in my Rangers save and I won the league, Scottish cup etc using this tactic. My inside Forwards were the top scorers and the AP was very vital to the team contributing 16 goals and a good amount of assists. Ianis Hagi my Right inside forward got me 30 goals in 51 games throughout all the competitions in the season. I didn't sign or loan any player throughout the course of the season. Take a look at these stats
  2. I changed the team's style of play from balanced to defensive. I also changed the WM Role to a DW role. Change the AP and DLP to both CM to provide stability in the midfield instead of using an AP that will try to distribute risky passes and loose possession most times. Lastly I changed the lone strikers role from TM to DF in order to put pressure on the opposing defenders and win back the ball in order to retain possession
  3. Nice tactics. I tweaked the player roles and tactics to get near 1000 passes
  4. Please what's the formation and tactical rule
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