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  1. Ah the Vikings then. Plus, it's never been done in the history of Football Manager even since Championship Manager..
  2. Or take it a step further... The British Empire! The Mongols! Woah I'm salivating on the prospect of managing the Mongols. That could be fun.
  3. Oh yeah that should be next, the USSR project gonna be such a massive undertaking
  4. Lemme guess, you're gonna help Catalonia achieve independence right? Next project.. Recreate the Soviet Union lol
  5. In the first team or tactics window, in the action tab > pick team
  6. I'm guessing they probably need the pre game database editor to do that, it was last available for FMM17.
  7. If I'm not familiar with the players I have, I would look at the squad depth for each position in the team report, then their morale and condition. Or, if I'm too lazy to bother, I'll just ask my assistant to pick the team and play as it is or change it up a bit. Also depends on who we're playing next, might wanna rest 1 or 2 important players for today's match in preparation for an upcoming bigger match later.
  8. 1660 super. I probably can get another 1660, but I'm thinking of upgrading to 2060 super or 3060ti. Most shops here only let you buy the gpus if you only include the whole pc bundle. Used gpus here are nuts, they sell almost double than msrp.
  9. Haha that's like the first thing anyone would do, cuz I did that too! All the way to becoming a manager himself. The funniest thing is that I got myself a regen son and in-game me as manager brought my regen son to his club. That’s like some weird 'inception' happening there.
  10. I've never posted anything there, since I can't play FM21, just enjoying what others posted. Small world eh.
  11. Wut... Lol that just shows how much time I spend on both sites, looking for ideas on how to make FMM do what it's not supposed to.
  12. Making my own universe.. The great escape. Yo, I just realised this, I've seen your username in Reddit's r/footballmanagergames.
  13. Yeah this is what I was aiming for. I've no intention of making him as another extraterrestrial beings like Messi or CR7. I've never even manage him in game before, it's just that it's nice to know that a 'believable him' is there somewhere doing his own thing. But yeah thanks for your offer to do it for me. Everyone knows this, the actual fun is doing it yourself. Hey, I actually spend more time modding Skyrim than actually playing it. But not hex editing, that's another level of possibly getting myself to never get to play FMM at all lol.
  14. Hex editing.. Nuh-uh I ain't gonna do that. Even with FM's PGE it's easy to fall into the trap of trying to fix everything, one simple edit turned into hours upon hours of endless editing. Lol it's like 'one more game' but now it's 'one more edit".