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  1. Gonna have to disagree but each to their own
  2. He’s the 3rd best player in the world according to many?
  3. He was one of my players I should add. Very frustrating when the players you know aren’t very good in real life become way too good if you control the team they play for in game added 0 minutes later Yeah this is the issue, he looks like one of the best wingers in the league there when he really shouldn’t be anywhere near
  4. Yeah feels like nearly any youngster can get good, is there any way to make the game still feel realistic despite this happening?
  5. Anyone else noticed loads of players with stats too high? Like I saw Dan James with 20 crossing in season 2 on one save, there’s no way he’s gonna be the best crosser in world football
  6. Thanks man that really helped a lot added 0 minutes later Yeah good point, do you recommend any more affordable options other than those 2?
  7. That’s interesting, have you noticed any significant differences with things like average ratings or more clean sheets with sweeper keepers?
  8. Was wondering do people bother using Sweeper Keepers or looking for keepers with good distribution? For me I only really use standard goalkeepers but was wondering if I could gain an edge with a more modern keeper
  9. The Licenses Fix I’m guessing is legal right, considering Vibe made one for the 2020 game?
  10. Never mind, you’re right - just seen there’s an article by The Athletic saying thousands of footballers will join Bale and Ibra in “objecting to the use of their likeness in FIFA 21”. Mad stuff
  11. Think it might be a publicity thing, they’ve both done stuff for EA before
  12. Lets hope you're right, still really annoying that they visually drop though ngl
  13. Pretty sure a lot of the leagues like MLS are starting in 2021 instead for this game