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  1. I initally changed to narrow, swapped the AP with CM and turned on shoot on sight. Still results were not really improving. After changing passing from short to mixed, closing down from all over to own half, turning off shoot on sight and changing roles from FB to DFB the results dramatically improved and my underperforming team turned into a machine. It remains somewhat a mystery what was the exact trigger but I think it must have been the passing.
  2. Thanks a lot for the advice and detailed explanations, much appreciated. One follow up; Would you say it’s better to use my defenders in their recommended roles (3 out of 4 are DFB or NCB) or play them as FB and CB as this is supporting more my attacking playstyle?
  3. Hi all, Have been playing the series since CM01/02, which is still my favourite. After some years of break I started mobile with FMM20. With this years release I love the dynamics part but am really struggling to get a good career going. I keep on changing tactics and starting over and over with new teams. I like to play with average or small teams but I really can’t get them to play decent or consistent. See for example my latest Ebbsfleet tactic, fairly decent squad for the league and trying go keep things simple (as read on Vibe suggestions for LLM) but so far with very mixed results. I already noted that Payne is a pain due to his relaxed character and no faith in me from the start so will probably have to offload him. - Your advice on my tactic is highly appreciated. - I seem to concede always a lot in the last 15 mins when opponent is on overload mentality. What do you do in this case? Change mentality, formation or some other settings? - Last one, also issues with defending/contain teams in the league, who often play narrow or slow. Do you change anything in mentality during the match or tweak other settings?