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  1. I'm pulling out because I don't have enough time. If I'm simming any amount of time in the season then I don't think I have the time nor the right to compete in this competition.
  2. I also have troubles fitting this all into my schedule (I even had to vacation for about a month in the last challenge to fit this into my murderous korean schedule!) I do think I can manage next week's schedule, but if I can't, anyone is welcome to fill in my spot as well. This has been a very enjoyable event for me as it is my first Vibe WC since joining, and I apologise if I have to be subbed out for the last challenge.
  3. We've gotten Brian Gil We've gotten Gollini We're possibly getting Cristian Romero Paratici is a literal god
  4. No give us Jack Grealish We actually need him, unlike city
  5. I think this might be the last major commynity event, but watch out, since there's bound to be some big events once next year's game releases.
  6. Will make sure that my first career will be with The Bees
  7. Erm... I'm a bit busy with the Vibe WC so I won't be able to play on that save for awhile
  8. The Team: Frimpong Evans- GKYung Yashin- GK Brian Shaw- CB William Fôn Williams- CB Phillip Lahm-Peters - RB Mert Cürgül- LBDan English- DM/CMLuhut Binsar-CMRob Amazeballs- DM/CM Chicken Sandwich-AM Sir Titjes- CM/AM Eddie The Tank- AM/SS Woody-LW/RW King Zlatan-LW Felix Fuchs- LW Marque E'Ajude- RW Rich Davies-ST Andy Booth- ST Update coming Soon...
  9. With Authorisation from Vibe FC's Chairman @L_Dotz Reports say that the disgruntled former players of Vibe FC are looking to regroup in the Netherlands after being sacked from their positions. They will form a new club with the assets of their former club, which was dissolved after they were unable to gain the appropriate licenses. The new club is expected to take FC Eindhoven's place in the Eerste Divisie under the moniker 'AC Vibe Rejects'. Rumours state that their new manager is going to be an unknown from the city of Daejeon. We interviewed William Fôn Williams, who was tending to a flock of sheep in the nice meadows of Wales. "The lads have been training at their home countries in order to keep their skills up. Of course they are not going to be the physical gods that they were, but they're working hard." This has been Vibe News.
  10. I guess since he's on ios he can't share the save I think you can only do that on android devices
  11. If england lost the euros then they may lose the vibe world cup as well
  12. argh no one can seem to spell daejeon correctly also i'm against the mighty rob? uphill battle but i think i'm up for it
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