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  1. Absolutely loving following this. Excellent write up @FuddledFox, making it even more entertaining.
  2. Thanks, next season has started better than the last one finished.
  3. Last season was a little disappointing, but my boy Scarlett had some nice improvements and the team has got better around him so hoping for big things fun season 4. Not much transfer business. Meslier improved my depth at GK (some players were concerned about squad depth and this was my weakest position) and gives me some future-proofing. Mario wasn't quite coming on how I wanted so splashed out on Pulisic to replace him. And then had a decent amount left over so went for Quaresma but immediately landed him back so that he'd keep improving. Lucky with injuries again. Last season I forgot to update injuries but there was only one of those where he comes off injured, but then there was no injury afterwards, only the lower condition to recover from. This season was another of those and one single week injury. Been pretty lucky so far in this regard. Competitions It was time to regain my European crown after a quarter final exit last season. Lost to PSG on away goals in first knockout round... Oh well, at least I can count on the domestic clean sweep... Really disappointing season. I'm a little worried that some of my stars might want to move on next season after these performances. Scarlett himself had a fairly disappointing season too, can't put my finger on why though. Tried a tinker with the tactics after winning the league, but that didn't seem to have much of an effect. Primary stats are looking great now, but technique and aggression are still not going up. Hoping next season will be better, will have a bit of an overhaul if it isn't. The end of the season is the Euros. I haven't managed to get a tactic that focuses on Scarlett and also works with the players available, so I've just gone for trying to score a lot and assume that my boy will pick up his fair share. The group stage was ridiculous. I know you can't get FMMed when it's not a league game, but this Poland game would surely have got me a high score? (I have no idea why it isn't listing the second goal against Poland. It didn't show me the goal in real time either, only the replay. Scarlett scored, and the goal did appear in his history records) The missing game was a more routine 4-2 win against Turkey. Qualified in 2nd place and then the season ended before I played Ukraine in the last 16. That will be included in season 5's update Edit: I forgot to include the goal tally! Season 4: 58 domestic + 10 int = 68 Total: 205 + 15 = 220 total Higher than I was planning for at this point when I started, so can't be too upset!
  4. It's a tan game Yash, we won't let them have as many shots next year either!
  5. Looking good there. Thanks @L_Dotz
  6. That's a great start, good work @L_Dotz! Can I see how Vogel is getting on? The team really seems to be shaping up nicely.
  7. It's probably better that you don't touch it at all during the World Cup. You've seen what's happened to the others! Beware the curse... bewaaarre the cuuuuurrrsssssse
  8. That's definitely good enough for me. I also noticed that you can arrange your own friendlies in the international windows, but that definitely feels like cheating so I'll stick with what I'm given. Could be an interesting challenge though: how many international goals can a player get when you do exploit the system?
  9. Good news then! (Although I did rest him for an 8-0 drubbing of Honduras 🙁)
  10. 🤣🤣 at the player representing me having 16 pace! I'd barely have 6 in real life!
  11. Quick question regarding international goals. I'm assuming that friendly goals don't count given that you can arrange your own friendlies? Or do they count, you're just not allowed to change the friendlies you get offered?
  12. Kristoff Vogel Luxembourg 22 CM (DLP) Right foot CA: 3 PA: 4 This looks fun to follow, good luck!
  13. Apparently if you accept the offer, let them negotiate a contract, and then cancel the transfer when the final confirmation response is needed then it doesn't affect their happiness. Has worked for me the couple of times I tried it when testing, though I haven't used it in the main save as it feels a bit like exploiting a glitch.
  14. Do you find you get better results playing full games and then resting? I've been playing 45-70 mins nearly every game, with a full rest about every 10-15 matches now
  15. Good luck dude, you've started stronger than I did so looking good.
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