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  1. Thanks @JamesVilla and @hhooo. Problems solved.
  2. A few questions here, all related to set pieces 1 - For corners and wide free kicks, what matters more: a player's set piece rating or their crossing stat? Same question for shooting from free kicks too. 2 - When you set up your set pieces, I'm assuming that the role you assign the player who's taking it is just ignored and no one does that role. Does anyone else have a problem then with two different set piece takers in your squad who play in different positions so you have different roles being ignored depending on your line up for a given game. I'm currently giving my AP and DLP the same instruction so that whichever one takes the set piece, a player is covering where I want them. Is there a better solution? 3 - How can you see if a player from another team is any good at set pieces? Do you just need to wait and see what you're scout says? (3a - can anyone recommend a central playmaker who's good at set pieces for up to 80m in the second season?) Thanks for any help
  3. Thanks guys, I'm pretty happy with it for a first attempt. Already thinking about what I could have done better though!
  4. Finished! Happy to go unbeaten on the league, but disappointed at the lack of really big scores. This is only my first challenge though and hopefully I'll start to develop some tactics which can hit the big numbers. It was really fun, thanks @Scratch for coming up with the challenge and everyone for the support. League pts 110 Goal dif 69 Werner 34+6 = 40 Abraham 30+7 = 37 Havertz 21+19 = 40 Pulisic 19+9 = 28 Total: 324
  5. Pulisic is back with a goal and 3 assists against Dortmund. Boom! And shortly after I get this! Havertz and Pulisic both got an assist too.
  6. Just started January and looking like this. Surprised at how well the tactic is doing. Only two losses in the champions league, but still won the group, and one draw in the league. Won every other game, but disappointed about how many games that should be easy wins I'm only just scraping through. Need to find a more ruthless tactic if I try this again.
  7. Thanks guys This isn't going to help... Fortunately it was right before an international break, so won't be quite that bad.
  8. Decided on Havertz, Pulisic, Abraham and Werner. Had a bit of a play with tactics in friendlies and ready to start the season! Made a steady start. Think I need to work out how to get more of the goals coming through my main men, Merino and Henderson are stealing them!
  9. Decided on Havertz, Pulisic, Abraham and Werner. Had a bit of a play with tactics in friendlies and ready to start the season!
  10. Seeing all the challenge threads on here has made them look really fun and I want to have a go myself now. The Chelsea one looks like a lot of fun, fairly straightforward and a short one to do in and out of alongside my main save. I haven't really started at all yet (only just loaded up) and haven't decided who I'm going to use for it. This is just putting a post out there to motivate me to keep it up and to ask if there are any generic pointers that a newbie challenger needs to look out for. I'm assuming that realistic tactics are not what I want and that it's OK to allow budgets in the first transfer window? Thanks for any help/support/cheerleading.
  11. Quick question about the training screen, what do these yellow bars mean?
  12. That's useful to know. I'm trying to set up a short passing around the box tactic. I was thinking this... ... but do you think this might work better for goals from midfield? (Both with Work Into Box, Through Balls and High Line) Or is it just an experiment and see thing?
  13. I had considered the swapping between two teams, but I only have one good target man so to get the most out of him I would want to be changing the set up each time I change personnel. I guess I could just sell him, but I'm quite sentimental and I like using players who were already as the club when I can. Thanks for the tips on CAMs guys, I'll have an experiment with them both.