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  1. Hello, I know the struggle managing a team like Burnley! Have you checked out this tactic by @KenanOz? Here is the link - hope it helps:
  2. Hello - this looks like a great tactic, so thanks for sharing. Have you tried this in FMM21?
  3. Thanks for sharing this tactic - it looks really good! Just a quick question: how well did you do in the Champions League the following season?
  4. Hi - great tactic! Do you reckon this tactic would work with West Brom, using the original players?
  5. @YipYipJe I think this might be normal - it has happened to me before. I assume that the player wants to leave the club by request, so he has been transfer listed; though, the club don't really want to sell him - if that makes sense?
  6. @broodje kip Thanks for that response - it makes so much more sense now.
  7. Hello - thanks for the reply. I get what you mean, so I will try that. Though, I have been able to sign Marco Kana without having to load the Belgian leagues in my setup (before the March 2021 database), so I am unsure why he has disappeared on this occasion. It is, most likely, down to what you just said: the club (Anderlecht) only has a couple of players in the squad.
  8. Hello, I have just started a new save in Football Manager Mobile 2021, using the March 2021 database. However, when I start the game and search for a specific player (Marco Kana), the player is not there (missing). When starting a new game (using the March 2021 database), I select the following leagues in my game, which says the database will compromise of 24700 players: England – Vanarama North/South and above. Germany – 3. Liga and above. Italy – Serie C and above. Spain – Second Division B and above. Now, when confirming these leagues, I proceed to select a team and continue with setting up the game. The issue: When the game has been set up, I go ahead and search for a player using the “Player Search” option. Then, I search for the player “Marco Kana” – but the search gives back 0 results for that player, which is wrong! Hence, the search only brings back 1 result, and it is a player called “Makana Baku” – which is not the player I am trying to find. The player “Marco Kana” should be there in my game, as he was there when I was using the November 2020 and February 2021 databases, so something has gone wrong. Please try setup a game using the same leagues as me, using the March 2021 database to see if that player is there for you, as he is not there for me. Thanks!
  9. Hi - thanks for sharing this tactic; you have some solid results there! At the start of my first season with West Brom, I did give this tactic a try, as I was really looking forward to it, considering you got some amazing results. However, from trying this tactic, it was unsuccessful and did not work. I think it was down to not having the right players to fit the tactic; hence, I had the original squad - no sugar daddy or anything else like that. Thus, I was sitting in 19th place after 13 games, with the board being very disappointed. It's a shame really, as I was really hoping this tactic would work. But, despite that, thank you for sharing this - I really appreciated it. Hopefully, I can find another tactic to save my season at West Brom, hoping to survive the relegation battle!