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  1. Yeah, I have noticed in FMM21 that the 'plug and play' tactics don't work any more like they used to, which is pretty good. Like you said, the key to success is to build an overpowered squad. That is pretty interesting that you got a striker to 2K goals - how many seasons did it take for the striker to score that many goals?
  2. Yep, I agree there. Impossible to get outstanding results with this tactic using the original players you have.
  3. Thanks for those tips there. That is the thing that makes it a challenge to manage an underdog in the shorter term: using the players you have. I will take your advice there and try hard with developing the youth.
  4. Hi, thanks for the amazing "wall of text" - it was a great read with some really useful tips. So, thank you very, very much for that helpful information. I am glad that you also agree that defensive tactics are "100% viable". I find that the majority of people are against using ultra defensive tactics, but I think it is fun - especially, screwing up your opponent's all out attack tactics. Likewise, I will try my best to be the Mourinho of international football. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks so much for that. Great to hear that you won three consecutive world cups - absolutely impressive. Thing is, with an underdog nation, I plan on parking the bus and playing ultra defensive, hoping to get a draw.
  6. Thanks for that detailed information - it has helped me quite a lot. I see what you mean in terms of developing your own players for the national team. Initially, I was just aiming to manage a nation alone, but now you mention it, I think the most appropriate approach is to manage a nation and club. I was thinking of managing Austria - not sure about what club yet.
  7. Hi all, Hope everyone is doing good! I am just wondering if anyone has any tips or tactic suggestions for managing an underdog nation - teams excluding France, England, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, etc. Obviously, when managing an underdog nation - such as Scotland, Nigeria, Ireland or N. Ireland, to name a couple - things are going to be quite tough, as you don't always have the ability to have players to fill the correct positions of your tactics. Therefore, for a team like Ireland, what tips or tactical suggestions do you recommend to get some decent results? I do enjoy managing underdog teams, as it makes the game more interesting compared to managing a big team, which gets boring after about 1 season or so - that's just my opinion. I am wanting to start a new career managing an underdog nation, though, it is going to be tough trying to get some good results. Lastly, if anyone has managed an underdog nation, how did it go? What results did you get? Did you win anything? Did you carry out a giant killing? Thank you. 🙂
  8. Hi - I tried this with Burnley, but it did not work. Such a shame, as I really hoped that it would work. Thanks for sharing these tactics - have you tried it with any other teams?
  9. Thanks for sharing this tactic. I trialled it with Burnley, and it did not work, sadly - I was really hoping it would work. I got sacked 25 games in, losing 20 of those 25 games - and early elimination from the Carabao Cup. I will try this tactic again with a different team and see what results I get.
  10. Wow, that is really impressive - good job there! Now that is what I call successful with an underdog. And thanks for also sharing the tactic - I will try it out.
  11. Nice, that is great to hear. added 0 minutes later That is great - what tactic was it if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I am willing to manage a team abroad as long as it's a small team. I agree - FMM21 is way more advanced compared to FMM20. I have tried most of the tactics, but most have been unsuccessful for me.
  13. Hi all, Hope you are well. I was just wondering if anyone has had any success with an underdog on FMM21. I know that I had plenty of success with an underdog (Aston Villa) in FMM20. However, despite that, I have been struggling to be successful with an underdog on FMM21. I have managed West Brom, Burnley and Brighton, but with these teams, I have just narrowly avoided relegation each season, eventually getting sacked a few seasons in. I have been used a combination of these tactics (see below), but they have resulted in mixed results, mostly losses - credit for these tactics goes to @Georgerog97, @deepheat83 and @cowley89. Also, the 5-2-2-1 tactic was very successful for me on FMM20, but it has just simply not worked on FMM21. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for succeeding with an underdog? I usually use a 5 at the back, but I am having limited success. Thank you.
  14. Hi - I can imagine those defeats came when missing those key players. I will give it a go, thanks.
  15. Hi, thanks for sharing. This tactic looks great, and seems to work for a variety of teams. When you were managing Aston Villa, I see you lost 7 games - now, what kind of matches did you lose? Did you lose against big sides? Were they big defeats? Or, did you narrowly lose matches? Thanks.
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