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  1. I was worried about this tactic being leaky on defense but it's actually surprisingly good. Many times I've tried tactics that are supposedly good on defense but whenever I try applying it to a mid tier team in PL, I always get blown out by the big teams. I'm only 15 games in and in 2nd place with Crystal Palace and an average roster. Looks very promising with no blow outs so far against LFC and Man City, just losing 2-1. Hopefully with a better roster next season, I can flip that score.
  2. I just a sell or release any non important/reserve players that drags my ratings down. Usually takes from a F to a B grade afterwards.
  3. I just wanted to say this is the best tactic in the list and i've tried 3/4 of the tactics posted so far because your team is instantly better. After the first season where I barely scratched out a league win on the last game of the season using Napoli, I left my defenders and goalkeepers the same and only upgraded the CM with Tonali. The following season my defense is incredible and puts the clamps on everyone. My team averages about 2 goals scored vs 0.5 goals against. Even went 11 games without conceding a goal. I hope the computer doesn't figure it out on my third season and onwards. edit: forgot to thank you for the tactic.