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  1. all would be incredible but i want to see those defenders score
  2. do you use wide ap as i wonder if that should be left foot on right and right foot on left
  3. but i did not say all challenges are cheating i said some careers and events seem cheaty l. i know people can get 100 goals as has always been possible since the game was champ man but sometimes people do the impossible and that to me seems like cheats. i think many people at vibe are genuine and i thought you were one of them but then this just all looks wrong to me and i was disappointed
  4. you are wrong some numbers are doable and some are not.
  5. yes this is right and im sorry to say those scores dont look right to me even if im not this good at fmm surely the right thing is @George Traistă and @broodje kip must admit mistakes and withdraw them or maybe @samhardy must remove them. this has annoyed me as this event looked so good and honest up to this point and i thought they were good members
  6. this looks tough and will need some luck but it will be enjoyable to follow i know.
  7. salah is a diving cheat de bruyne is ok as he is a ginge like me and messi isn’t as good as the real goat chris waddle
  8. this has been great event and it’s nice to see fresh faces take part instead of usual people i honest dont know how you all cope with such a challenge though.
  9. another great article although i would stay away from someone mercurial because I would think they are inconsistent.
  10. you have given yourself a huge amount of work here i would be bored within a few season myself because of regens. im sure it will be another vibe success story.
  11. I love the simplicity of this tactic Mr Tree and I think I might give it a go myself in a lower league save.
  12. I’m a long time lurker on this site but never made an account before because I hadn’t seen much point considering I find some of the careers and scores in events quite cheaty. I felt I had to make an account though just to thank you for this article as it’s very interesting and has given me a lot to think about in my own careers.