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  1. I mean: can I check in-game coefficients? I've played for two seasons.
  2. Is there any way I could check my club's UEFA coefficient? I know how to check the league's one, but I have no clou if there is a way to find out how many points have I gathered in a season - I want to know whether in the next season I will be seeded in UCL qualifiers.
  3. Despite not winning it's Nations League group, and ending od 4th place in World Cup qualifiers Poland advanced to UEFA World Cup playoffs.
  4. Ok, Idk if it was a bug or not, but it seemed weird. I have no screens, because it was in previous season and only now did I created an account. It was a penultimate game, against a 2nd team in the league. I had 2 points advantage, and I was playing on my turf, so they had to win. After idk 70 minutes I was winning 5-0, when I checked what tactic the AI is using as I was surprised by margin of my victory... My opponet set team mentality at contain. I have no idea if the AI played with that setting for an entire game, but if so then that would be absurd. Anyway it seems to me suspicious that a team losing 5-0(and being in a position that they have to win the game to win the title) is playing ultradefensively. I mean at this point of the game they had like 0,0000001% chance of winning, but still... Is it realistic that an AI is just trying to reduce the scale of humiliation by not losing any more goals? How does AI behave in such scenarios?
  5. I am playing a second leg in Europa League Play-off. In the first game I lost 2-0 with both goals scored through opposition exploiting a gap between my central defenders. My team has a balanced width(though I mostly attack using wingers, with early crosses enabled - it works though so I didn't bother changing it), my defence is as follows: inverted wing back - no nonsence centre-back - central defender - inverted wing back, there's also a ball winning midfielder in front of them. Should I change width to narrow before the second leg? Or perhaps should I play it wide and count that in attack I will have more space? Also: I am playing with fast tempo, yet my team mentality is balanced. Is it ok, or does it contradict each other? I am cautious with changing my tactics, since I won the title in the first season with a team that in 19/20 narrowly avoided relegation(so apparently it works).
  6. I have a problem with corners - when I am in attack only one player is left to defend against counterattack. He sits close to the center of the pitch. Weirdly he is not the fastest player, he is not even a defender, but a winger. I lost a couple of goals because of that. Is there a way to fix that without messing tactics too much?
  7. Latvia has two teams in Champions League qualifications - which is a bug, because Latvian league is bad, and they did not improve their coefficient enough to have two teams in CL.
  8. How important is stamina for a goalkeeper? I have an eye on a goalkeeper with good overall attributes, however his stamina stat is 1. Goalkeepers usually don't tire a lot during a match, but perhaps such an extremely low stamina could be a problem. Will it be?