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  1. Make sure you didn't tie them to any contracts with super high wages. That usually would deter any clubs from buying.
  2. Thanks @zorderxx! I changed my A to RP , so my midfield is made up of AP, BBM and RP instead. The ratings of the midfield trio immediately improved drastically in the next few games. Hope it lasts!
  3. Oh so now your midfield trio is made up of 2 BBM?
  4. ahh! Finally found the thread with the tactic that won me decades of in game seasons (clean sweeps of competitions in various nations). Thanks @zorderxx! One issue though, unlike what u mentioned, my Anchor Man was always the weakest performer in terms of rating. Regardless of who I used (I must have used 12 different Anchor Man across 5 different teams), the ratings will almost always be a 6-7 with an occasional 8. Even when the entire team is splattered with green ratings, my A will always stand out for the wrong reason. Any ideas why?
  5. dayum that was one nail biting final matchday!!๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ That 85th minute Origi goal could have been prevented if you would just waste some time haha!
  6. that is one hell of a list of GKs there! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Anyway, I too always face issues of conceding late goals, some times to the most undeserving of sides. I find closing shop against the opponent and wasting time does help. Increasing the number of man markers helped too!
  7. Anyone with a thread that links to how to set up training?
  8. That has got to be one patient man to be testing and reloading for 9 straight seasons just to get that perfect streak๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. I can only rue how late I was in getting onboard FMM. PC version was really too much frills for my liking. FMM allowed me to focus on what I really cared about. In fact, I would think FMM is my favourite version so far! added 0 minutes later Thanks mate!
  10. Definitely. He was the player who got me started on my journey of both watching and playing (casual) football
  11. Hello everyone! I have been on this forum for quite a bit only to scour for the many tactics being posted by the friendly members here. I only just created an account to thank the OP of one of the articles on manmarking. I have been an avid fan of the original Championship Manager series by EIDOS (Guess that gave away my age huh). I have been increasingly frustrated with the PC version because of the increasingly difficult to use interface (I once introduced a friend to FM2019 and he was haplessly lost) and difficulty level (I took an hour to set up training, instructions, set pieces etc only to go on a losing streak to the weakest of opponents). Giving FMM a chance was the best decision because it allowed me a sweet throwback to the easy UI and yet does not take anything away from the game. Thanks to all the actively contributing members for all your guidance! (I would always start with Chelsea because I have been a childhood CFC fan since the days of Zola)
  12. Probably rage quit to get the desired result for every match ๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. Thanks for the tip! I did try using my LCB and my backline got dragged around and they lost their defensive shape because my Hummels was trying to follow Messi!