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  1. @Mike Dodgson I have an update for you. Only for you I tried and tried and tried. At the Beginning of the Season I played that tactic with a Poacher. That didn’t go well. I dominated but still lost games. Huge lose against Man Utd 6:1. I changed the Poacher to Trequartista and yeah it worked. My team played so good. I will post the results. It was with Newcastle, no transfers. 2020/2021 squad. @hhooo that’s an update I made for mike dogson, for his Newcastle.
  2. They do, i have an Update for That Newcastle Team. Will post it here and i played again with 2 Liberos instant of CBs
  3. I used it with Newcastle it worked well. I draw a lot. I‘m still using that I posted here. I guess Newcastle’s squad is to weak or Premier leauge to strong for that squad. You can try it. You should take the tactic and experiment yourself. That’s what I did with Newcastle:)
  4. That's true. My goal was to play dominant football. It's very successful, but there aren't many goals.
  5. May bad. I updated. It was so hard with Newcastle in the Premier leauge.
  6. I will take Newcastle and try it out. I‘ll update my results here for you
  7. I see in your picture WB‘s. Did you try it with IWB? I had with cologne IWB instant of WB and i literally won everything without buying players. May Premier leauge is stronger than Bundesliga. Could be a reason too. I tried that tactic with Bayern see the results. Also with IWB
  8. Yea😅 I won the Bundesliga with Köln squad and without transfers in the first season and the 2nd season I won treble 😅 so why not added 0 minutes later Thank you!:)
  9. Update: I won the treble in my 2nd season with Cologne. Bundesliga, German Cup and the Champions leauge.
  10. I won the leauge. Didn’t buy any players. Just played with standart squad of cologne!
  11. The first one is correct. Sorry was a mistake. Btw I won with cologne the leauge 😅
  12. Hi, I am new here. This is my first time I post a tactic. I have achieved very good results with this tactic. The tactics work very well with small teams. I tested it in the Turkish league and in the Bundesliga with FC Köln. Highest passes I played were with Manchester United. In total, there were 916 passes. I would be happy if you test it and share your results with us.