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  1. yeah its a really solid tactic its wont score 4 or 5 goals a game, but it doesnt concede many at all
  2. Only set pieces i did was attacking corners the other CM is set to attack from edge and ST is near post. so basically, 2 players NP, 2 players FP, 2 Players attack EDGE, 2 players SB DLP takes the corners
  3. like i said in original post, its not actually my tactic, just one that i tried to convert for FM Mobile, maybe try the creative freedom on expressive seeing as you have such a good team, or change it from control to attacking, see if that makes a difference. sorry i cant be much more help, im not a great tactic creator, but i converted this and had great success with it its a very solid tactic but like in my screen shots i was probaly averaging about 2 goals scored per game.
  4. yeah, right foot on the right and left foot on the left i have some games where i only won 1-0 but then id get some 3-0s and 4-0s pace and crossing important for the wingers let me know how you get on 👍
  5. yeah i do like how solid it is, just finished my third season also with 31 clean sheets
  6. first season he got 31 goals in 39 games. 2nd season Edmondson was my main man with 25 in 26... in my 3rd season now and i rotate between 2 or 3 different strikers
  7. I would love to take credit for this one but i can't 😂, all credit must go to Knap from the PC version of FM. I have used some of his tactics before on the PC version with great success, so i have tried to convert one of them from PC version to FM Mobile. I have only used it so far in the Vanarama South so i dont know if it would work in the better divisions, Anyway here is the tactic: League Table from season 1 Also got 25 clean sheets from 40 league games Season 2 I have never done this before so if i have done anything wrong or you need some more information then please let me know. If you try it......Have fun 👍
  8. Been very good for me in my first season 👍👏
  9. Brown is my first choice TM but got injured so put Buckley-Ricketts in, both getting the majority of my goals, some other goals are quite evenly spread 👍
  10. This has been my best start with any team so far.......Great tactic.......👍👏👏👏 bravo
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