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  1. Not sure what you've done is an exact recreation of the Bolton Challenge if I'm honest They had only 7 players at the start of this season and are using mainly youth players and would never have a healthy financial position aswell, a true challenge would be to use the editor to get rid of all the players that left in real life etc Nothing against what you have done, which is still cool and was a well made post
  2. Enjoyed reading through all of this was a fun read Such an awesome challenge to do and really fun to use players that you wouldn't normally use
  3. END OF SEASON! 2021 So here we are at the end of the season/summer transfer window!! how many other Wonderkids will have left their starter teams this year! So Fabio Silva and Stephen Cawley get the moves they wanted! Maybe not as high as others but they should get more game time which will help them going forward! Ransom out on loan into the Scottish leagues, hoping he will smash it up north of the border! Chiedozie has a Loan deal canceled after Cardiff don't have enough space to do the deal! Gutted once more but hoping that will mean more game time at Man It's for Jordan. Stephen Cawley would have sat top of the list before his transfer with a solid 20+ goals, but his move put him back down to zero but he had a decent season! But there is a tonne of interest in our lads so there should be more deals going through next window! Values stay the same really at that 16.5m level, obviously big moves up that value a load so that will start making a difference soon Who will start to bang them in for the big boys? Will Silva moving to Bradford and doing things slowly be a masterstroke? We will find out in the next episode of Wonderkids....
  4. Just casually noticed this!!!!! Anyone see what's mad about this!!!
  5. So where do we start!?! In the spoiler below is some of the bigger signings! Early on League Tables suggest change in the status quo! Everton and Leicester seem to have bought very well! Nurnberg lead the way in the Bundesliga! Bayern and Dortmund have bought well though so i'd say they will be at the top come the end of the season. Getafe doing bits in the Spanish Prem! haven't signed anyone HUGE but bought smart and doing well. Real Madrid nowhere to be seen as yet! Barcelona 2 out of 2 so expect them to be up there too. Genoa sit top after 4 game but Roma and Inter both have 3 out of 3 so far so they look decent with Juve on one defeat so can they bounce back and get back tot he top! World signings wise below is the top valued players in the world! PSG look like they will be the big winners from this as they kept their squad and was able to strengthen it even more for free so they'll be happy We will see you at the end of the season to see what happened!
  6. Early doors and it seems the AI is doing bits mate haha
  7. Hey Guys Got another cheeky Experiment for you wonderful people! I noticed that on the In-Game Editor was an option to release all players from a club. So what I've done is release every player from every club the following countries Top League So what will hopefully happen is that each team from these leagues will start rebuilding their squads from the free agents list! But who will come out on top of the European ladder come the end of the season and who will end up being fodder! What do you guys think will be the outcome then? will the big clubs buy wisely and still dominate? where will Messi and Ronaldo end up? will Burnley win the Premier League? All will be revealed!
  8. Good stuff Nucleus!! Great start! Asensio will be a fantastic investment for the squad what a signing!
  9. END OF JANUARY 2021! So we will start with some transfers!! Higgins absolutely gutted!!! No room on the squad so the transfer got cancelled! Chiedozie signs on at Manchester United! Fasanmade gets a loan deal for some game time which can only be a good thing for development going forward! Cawley continues his awesome form on 19 goals already! One behind his total for last season! Will he go on and score more? Charles and Silva getting on the goals again too! Well done chaps! Those values!!! Shooting up! Not just van Snickelrooy that's loving it the top now!! Not much game time for those lads though so will they continue growth or will it slow down due to less games??? We'll see wont we
  10. Yeah I know what you mean but I suppose I wouldn't have let them go that cheap no chance but the AI is a different kettle of fish haha
  11. END OF SEASON TWO!! So the second season is DONE! Some interesting transfer rumours about the lads Could we see more of them moving on?? Liverpool win the Premier League in front of Man City! While Man City also finish Runner Up in the Champions League! Always the Bridesmaid for them Nothing big for anyway of the Wonderkids though unfortunately but hopefully all that will change next season! Van Snickelrooy showing off a value of £9.75m which is miles ahead of anyone else! Fabio Silva, who hasn't retired yet, up there once more with the scoring and on a higher league as well still with Dulwich! Cawley hit 17 last term and hit 20 this time round so showing really top consistency at a young age is great to see So then onto the SUMMER TRANSFERS that happened!!!!!!! Exciting times!! WOW!!!! Liverpool, Man City, and Arsenal go for our boys!!!! Leeds and Port Vale also dip into our products for talent!! Really hope we see some game time for these lads this season! So then here we go! It has begun now with some proper deals gone through for the lads!
  12. 1st February 2020 END OF JANUARY WINDOW Well well well!! We have our FIRST TRANSFER!!!!! PSV have taken the gamble on Dutch Tony!! Only just signed so no games played for them yet but hopefully he can smash it As the players and teams have split up etc I'll stop giving updates on the South League and will concentrate on players that win stuff! So there it is the confirmation that Snickelrooy has gone to PSV! Hungerford will miss him I'm sure Another bit of news is that Fabio Silva has said he is RETIRING at the end of the season!!! I can only imagine that it's hard coded into the game that he wants to retire as I think it was an old player I edited so that's unfortunate But we'll see you guys at the end of the season to see how our Wonderkids got on!
  13. Start of the new season Little disclaimer here I have been appointed manager of Bishops Stortford so I can shortlist all the players and make it easier for me to track them when they all start moving clubs etc... I will be holidaying every match we play as they were one of the teams promoted into the south league it's cool BIG TRANSFER OFFERS ALL of these offers were rejected so noone has moved yet again! They all stay as they were last season which surprised me big time! Attributes **Just going to dump the screenshots of each player in a spoiler here** So for this season I'll post the goal scoring like this so we can compare between them all to see how they are doing
  14. END OF SEASON ONE END OF THE SEASON RESULTS AND STATS Right then, the season is done! We have gone a full season with none of the Wonderkids moving clubs so who has projected their club to the title and promotion, and who has seen their team go down to the depths of non league football!!??!! FINAL LEAGUE TABLE FINAL DAY DRAMA! before the final day Concord lead by one point but they lost the last game and Dulwich Hamlet won their game to take not only the Title but Promotion automatically up to the National League! Concord did still go up through the Play Offs after a Hat Trick from Tosan Popo to get them there! TOP SCORERS Fabio Silva absolutely smashed it!!! 28 goals is amazing in his first season! A full 11 goals ahead of second! Stephen Cawley had a great end to the season which saw him up in 5th with 15 goals to his name, Josh Smile also had an impressive second half to the season and saw himself end on 12 goals to creep into the top 12, We also saw Tosan Popo get into that top 12th with that last game hat trick! END OF SEASON STATS COMPARISON COMING UP Interestingly alot of players have signed new contracts that go into 2022/2023 and have taken a pay CUT to do so!! So will be interesting to see how this pans out in the summer