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  1. Help New Stadiums

    Shocked Tottenham allow the new stadium thing as they already move into a new one in second season lol
  2. Chat OME vs EME

    Yeah I agree with this tbh Just a simple player ratings page or something
  3. Guides/Tips FMM18: All Playable National Teams

    Pretty sure Mexico is on there? But good stuff mate Dont worry silly me forgot they are in North America haha
  4. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Can you say what nation you want your starter team to be? You both are in :-)
  5. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Save files are in documents folder now mate
  6. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Gotta get a sign up form in please Only two spaces left so the first to two tog get them in will take part
  7. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    You've got to do the sign up buddy check the first post
  8. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Gonna have to be in English mate lol
  9. Chat Crazy amount of goals!

    Boston United is in England mate haha Easy mistake haha But goalscoring is easier this year 100% 2.5 goals a game is high I reckon
  10. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Teams all edited now boys! Just got to remove all the players then start adding your starter squads in and we can commence battle
  11. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Ok I've done a tally up and we currently have 20 sign ups So will be defo doing it in USA as they have 22 slots available
  12. Good start to the season for sure mate keep it up! Good style too, I like it alot
  13. Looks good mate my only gripe is that it shouldn't as defensively it should be pants lol only a couple defensive minded plurs added 0 minutes later Even then they are ball playing defenders
  14. Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    I'm playing as AC Milan and doing well tbh but I've been really shrewd in the window with good signings! Aboubakar, Tousart, Chillwell has been epic too all for decent wonga
  15. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    Right then lads I've had a think and I will use MLS to host the game as its unusual and new and if anyone just misses out I'm sorry but it will be a first come first served thing then I'll have a reserve list too for the extras if people are inactive So what I need next from people is for you to choose a Nations for your starter team to be based on, you'll get a team of 11 based in a basic 4-4-2 to begin with It will probably take me a while to get the game started tbh as I've got to edit all the teams and release all the players one by one so you may have to bare with me lol So fire away with your nations you want the teams to be based on and you'll get an 11 of bang average players for you to start with