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  1. Thanks a lot, will try it out tonight! should probbaly work great.
  2. Sure thing man, appreciate you for putting in the time. Here is what I have.
  3. I have looked through most of them and tried out most of the big name club tactics, however still not much success so Im not sure if i am doing something wrong, however all of those great tactics def work when i use the original squad and even more so for lower league teams.
  4. Hey all. As the title suggests I managed to sign a lot of amazing players into my Chelsea Save. (Mbappe, Haaland, De ligt Etc.) However, any tactic I have tried, even though morale is high and the team is excellent, they never perform that well and even lose to way weaker teams. This was not the case with the original chelsea squad where a good tactic I had let me win every single game. Any suggestions on tactics for overpowered teams?