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  1. Thanks for ur contribution. I read a lot about your posts. It helps me enjoy that game. Very clear content.
  2. It worked for me at portuguese league, no need world class players as u said. Thanks for your tactic. I want more goals so i change a bit in midfield, 3-4-1-2 i used ap as amc instead of dlp and it’s really good results 😁
  3. @geordiekrispy thks for your help. Can you give me your experince about some effective combos? I’m researching how the roles work with each others, especially, at wing, winger coupled with FB or WB ? I whether that using 2 IFs or 2 Wingers are effective or not ? Thanks in advance
  4. @MatiasDFS thank you, i read that article, but still get stuck. I’m trying to create a tactic for my team with average players. After long time, i play again and try to understand roles logically. I foud that it’s more complicated than I think because I just find and apply tactics on tactics index before. One thing I regconize that majority of players play as IF and Poacher. Can I use them as other roles such as CF or AF and winger or IW ?
  5. I have some questions dude, help me understand more clearly about the game. Can you give me some advices about use player roles effectively ? e.g forward and winger, winger and full back, forward and attacking mid. The other question is about tempo and instructions, which are work well together ? e.g in my opinion, fast tempo can suit with direct passing and through balls. Share me your experiences 😁
  6. I found a tip when i want to sell or loan out a player, put him on transfer list, if no club offers, remove him from transfer list and play a game, then put him on transfer list again, repeat that action many times until u receive an offer