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  1. Possession can fluctuate each game. The key thing to note is just how many clear cut chances it creates, it’s crazy! Google translate sorry if it makes no sense: Kepemilikan dapat berfluktuasi setiap pertandingan. Hal utama yang perlu diperhatikan adalah berapa banyak peluang yang tercipta, itu gila!
  2. Ricardo Horta & Joaquin Correa never let me down if you’d prefer more expensive or more cheaper options, set your search like this for example and take your pick! Edit: Had a quick go for you, bought Ricardo Horta and Ezequiel Barco for the AP roles
  3. Was about to say I would deffo sign some AP’s as the ones they currently have don’t fit the system well. Look for some wingers that can be converted to AM’s and it will sort it👍🏼
  4. Let me know how it goes🤞🏼 I keep it relatively straight forward so going more attacking when needing a goal etc In terms of guidelines fast and aggressive players tend to work well for a pressing system. The AP’s I like using fast creative players so usually converted wingers do the trick
  5. Cheers mate! Schalke - I only made one signing in Joaquin Correa from Lazio as he fits the AP role so well. You’d be surprised their starting team isn’t that bad on the game in comparison to real life I almost always sign a wonderkid striker in every save I do but it turns out if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!😂 Villa - I didn’t sign a single player
  6. Schalke’s rebirth🔝🔝 1st Season: 2nd Season
  7. Pelayo Morilla, Reinier, Pipi, Vencedor, Rodri and Rober from Betis, Sadick, Akhomach, Sagnan Just a few reliable ones, Hope it helps!
  8. Hi mate. The majority of them came back to back when Konsa, Mings, Grealish and Cash all got injured and we capitulated to say the least! It’s consistent against all levels of teams tbh, you will see the stats being even if not better regardless of how much better the oppositions squad is, lemme know if you give it a go!
  9. Done, it should be good now🤞🏼 Cheers mate
  10. 4-2-2-2 inspired by Leipzig’s Jesse Marsch I have had many failed attempts at Jesse Marsch’s system as his style of play, pressing and interchanging formations are too complex and just don’t work in FMM’s game mechanics. But this is the closest I got! Although his tactic encourages the use of a 442, 4312, 4231, a wider 4222 and even a 5212, I found the narrower 4-2-2-2 to be the most successful, as the shape allows the midfielders to mitigate a passing option at every angle. I did try a wider option with 2 inverted wingers but it didn’t work anywhere near as well. Relentless press partnered with fast attacking transitions were the aim for this tactic. Which explains why I opted for a direct passing style so the team can work the ball up the field as quickly as possible in the counter phase of play. ‘Run at defence’ was to try and mimic the ball carrier in the counter attack as the surrounding men begin to flood in and around the box. The starting formation from first glance may look extremely narrow but you will see in game how the front 4 press in two’s and it is very effective to try and force them into a mistake! I had great success with this tactic across a variety of different level teams, be sure to let me know if you try it out and how it pans out for you! I always have my starting coaching style on Attacking, not entirely sure if it makes a drastic change but worth noting👍🏼 Results: Tactic: Big Team Dominance: Underdog success:
  11. 4-4-2 UNBEATEN SEASON WITH SAMPDORIA!!! I have tried many formations and tactics on FMM21 and this system has always been the most consistent for me. I managed to go the entirety of the league season unbeaten with ZERO transfers. Yes there were many draws but that was solely down to me making poor decisions in the latter of matches and conceding stupid goals, partnered with our not so strong starter squad. I can comfortably say this tactic works with pretty much every team you apply it too. ‼️THINGS TO NOTE‼️ - Make sure your TM an aerial threat - I found it beneficial to have your P as a fast player - Wide midfielders must be fast, good crossers and make sure their preferred foot matches the side they’re on Let me know how you get on!😄 TACTIC: RESULTS: