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  1. I've noticed today that when I'm on the training overview that a number of my players are missing from the list. Obviously I can still access all their training needs from the player screen. But it's a pain having to find which players are missing and not having the overview to easily amend things. Is this a known issue? I've never noticed it happen previously.
  2. That's helpful. Just sharing my experience and requesting some support. Nice to see you're a total douche.
  3. See, this is precisely my point. A 2-1-4-1-2 isn't a typical formation. It seems like the match engine can't handle wild systems. I saw one earlier that was a flat back 5, with 2 WBs and 2 DMs and 1 IF and it was hammering teams 4-0.🤮
  4. I've had FMM since launch day and I've still been unable to get any Tactic to work for me. A pattern I've found is that all tactics are inconsistent. You can create a possession based system which will give you 400 passes 1 week and then the next game you can't get above 150. Or you can create a fast paced counter attacking tactic which ends up dominating possession, but creating no chances. Crosses always hit the defender and never result in goals. The opposition foul me constantly but despite having good players, set pieces are a source of no goals. I'll concede long shots all the time, no matter the level of opposition and quality of my keeper. I look through the tactics suggested here which seem to rely on formations that are so unrealistic I wouldn't consider using them because they're just ridiculous. Is it not possible that there's a normal tactic, with a normal formation and typical player roles that works? I don't expect to win every game, but if I'm a team like Tottenham and I can't get past the Europa League Qualifiers, or lose 3-1 to Burnley with them having 3 times the amount of shots I do, I feel like there's something wrong. Please help 😩. Looking for: - Universal team instructions that won't need to be massively tweaked every game. - Typical formations and player roles, no Inverted Wing Backs, with 1 CB and 3 ST formations. - Set piece guidance to make the most of the 10,000,000 free kicks and corners that I always seem to get.