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  1. I wanna start a new rtg and the rtg is based on this challenge i found in the fifa career mode community. Looks interesting so i will give it a try. Any tips before i play?
  2. Yeah that club that once won a Malaysian cup
  3. Fuck,i just found out they exist. Im so dumb. How i delete replies
  4. Well you see m8, Singaporeans leagues do not exist because of a very small country. Other than that,their club (i can't remember it's name but that club once won a cup match against Kelantan) join our league because there isn't that much club that exists in Singapore and the country is so small you can rarely see a land there.
  5. Does gegenpress means all over press? Because everytime i put that my team do some heavy gegenpress
  6. What kind of formation is that? 3 strikers and inside forwards?
  7. Everytime i play,there will be a goal. Everytime i play,there will be a gap in my defensive line. Everytime i play,they shot out of goal even though my defenders aerial and tackling is 16+. Everytime i play,the match report said poor defensive aerial. Literally everytime i play,my players don't know how to block. Fmm defenders are no used on near goal and they always the reason my team rarely get a clean sheet. They will always leave spaces even though they only have 1 striker. Even when i put them on man mark they just leave the striker with a defender who isn't very pacy. Does everyone have this problem? How can i make them not to let the opposition scores?
  8. Nice, finally a good wonderkid from malaysia. It's so long since we have Mokhtar dahari. What's his position?
  9. Bruh nice. Is he a wonderkid or just a regular rotation playa?
  10. Yeah i actually like that. Like you want to midfielder to mark the playmaker like Pirlo and park ji sung and a defender to mark the striker from scoring
  11. I'm no expert in this shit but i guess the op winger role is inverted winger. Everytime i use the role on my wingers (Sancho and Rashford) they got 8 rated and gotta say,that guy named 'Zealand' is true, inverted winger is op than inside forward. Also just a side note,if you have a midfielder who role is box to box or roaming playmaker is next to a iw or if,they will become mezzala.
  12. Does am roles make them a goal scorer or just a regular assist maker?