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  1. As far as i know,my team has shite dynamics i really don't know how to fix it. I have try everything like getting old players and have good coach but nothing can fix it. Any help would be appreciated Mh dynamics rn Examples of players with bad influence
  2. We all agree if we start a rtg team from the UK,you know your gonna deal with work permits. So I'm gonna ask you this. How you guys deal with work permits without using the no work permit cheat?
  3. How u get him have 7% development? The highest of mine is always 5%
  4. So i was bored and went just looking at fm. I tap game status and this is what i saw Bruh
  5. Well i wanna train him to become a cf so that's one already fix. I also now training his stamina so i guess problem solved
  6. I think i just found Zlatan's regen. Got him for like 9.5m and it was not cheap. But hey he's first team quality so that's that. Anyway which attributes should i focus him on. I already know im gonna do stamina first but after that i don't know which. Any ideas?
  7. Is it me or youth scouts are very rare to find. Everytime i go to the search bar to find youth scouts there will be nothing. When i search first team scouts,the ton of em. I actually wanna have more youth scouts but don't know who. How can i turn an old to a youth scouts? Also can someone recommend me a youth scout? That'll be appreciated
  8. It's like waiting for fifa having a new career mode update but it's still a disappoinment
  9. I'm still confused about coaching staff. Others i get it except coaching staff. I still wanna know what coaching staff focus at like. For example,do attacking staff focus on movement or decision or do motivational coach train players mental attributes like creativity or aggression? Need help to understand it.
  10. I have a friend said that 3 defenders formation is just too good. Never tried it before and i have a feeling a lot of u guys have tried. On a scale from 1-10 how would u rate this and how can i counter this formation like 5321 or 3421 formation?
  11. Just wait for a season and then ur youth academy gives you some kids to have for your reserves. The better the youth academy,the better the players or more players u got. I wish they make the youth intake like every season. That would actually be good. If u got bad players,just scout for youth players. Go to your scout(I recommend youth scouts cuz they can find good shit),and then put what location u want ur youth scouts to find. Then turn on search youth and then send them to go hunting. Don't know if this is helpful or not but ur welcome anyway
  12. Yes. My friend on fm pc recommend me to him when i started my salford rtg. A goat for lower leagues. Just found out today that he has join Doncaster Rovers on free. Hope his career will go far
  13. I put one of my players for sale and a club offer my player for 75k. My player value is 70k. I thought to my self what about 100k. They were like refusing for 100k even though their club is playing at the championship. I ask them for 100k and they still refuse even though it's only 25k+. And then transfer negotiations are cut off. I forgor to screenshot u guys the transfer negotiations. When i want to buy their players worse player(I'm doing this for a test) they want 1mil even though that player value is 500k. I really wish they fix the negotiations so it be a little realistic. Edit: Forgot to ask why they are only some certain players we can use for a swap. Like i have to swap ronaldo for messi (JUST AN EXAMPLE BTW I DON'T WANT TO SEE SOME BARCA OR RONALDO FANS TO ARGUE ABOUT THIS) and can't i swap with de ligt?
  14. I don't know if this true or not so i have to ask the gods of fm mobile themselves. Do regens exist in fmm and how can i get them. Do i get them from youth scouting or my youth intake?
  15. I think the development arrows after a match is actually the most confusing thing to understand on fm mobile. I don't think it function that much
  16. Im interested for Charlie McNeil and i want to like do a transfer offer. But somehow it won't let me. Can someone explain how this happened and how can i fixed this. Is he was like not for sell thing?
  17. Bro how u get that man that much goals
  18. I need someone to help me like perfected my tactic .I called it blitzkrieg and it's a overload attacking tactic where we push through the defense like a direct counter and no pushing back. You can see what i mean by this vid https://youtu.be/kE_jX9E40M0. I can do it,but i got something to do. Edit: If you guys asking for what formation,put 4321 or 4132
  19. I wanna start a new rtg and the rtg is based on this challenge i found in the fifa career mode community. Looks interesting so i will give it a try. Any tips before i play?