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Everything posted by Watchhands

  1. Nice, finally a good wonderkid from malaysia. It's so long since we have Mokhtar dahari. What's his position?
  2. Bruh nice. Is he a wonderkid or just a regular rotation playa?
  3. Yeah i actually like that. Like you want to midfielder to mark the playmaker like Pirlo and park ji sung and a defender to mark the striker from scoring
  4. I'm no expert in this shit but i guess the op winger role is inverted winger. Everytime i use the role on my wingers (Sancho and Rashford) they got 8 rated and gotta say,that guy named 'Zealand' is true, inverted winger is op than inside forward. Also just a side note,if you have a midfielder who role is box to box or roaming playmaker is next to a iw or if,they will become mezzala.
  5. Does am roles make them a goal scorer or just a regular assist maker?
  6. I see that some people said that it's ap,some say it's ss,and i even tried attacking midfielder (i don't know what this role does pls explain) and even trequatista(same for this thing also) and they don't even make that great impact. When i use any of these roles they were like "wait im ss?"and they don't even make one shot and get 6 rated and when i put Fernandes on ap he just became a god cuz he scored 4 goals in a game. I don't know how cuz ap roles don't suppose to have that many shots. Damn CAM roles are just very confusing and i never get how it works Ap- advance playmaker Ss- Shadow striker
  7. That is actually a good idea like you wanna gegenpress the gk. I like that m8
  8. For me it's scouting and training. Or maybe even better,a page about toturials like maybe a part where you can know more about personality, attributes and more like that. What about you guys?
  9. Is this like their personalities or hidden attributes? Also thx bro i now know better
  10. Yeah apparently fmm always make the first season you are a god then everything to shambles
  11. Well his movements is already 16 rated so that wasn't that bad but his decision i think it's 13. Yep 13. I don't even know how to boost that part cuz my coaching is 2 fitness ( one of them is cavani cuz im bored) 1 youth and me as a attacking coach. I think i make the wrong decision
  12. 2dlf? Like do you put a 442/424 formation? Also bro how can i improve my players goals. Im using greenwood as striker and even put every roles like p,tm,trequa,cf and much more. His finishing is 18 and his technique (i don't know if this is important) is 16. Yeah i really need him to score more cuz for some reason Timo Werner is the top goal scorer in pl rn
  13. Yeah actually i know this tactic is op but i have 1 thing to say to you man. Bruh
  14. Damn,how haaland with dlp roles get that many goals? Bruhhh
  15. For some reason the player i want to train trains with other coaches that exists in my staff group. As for example i want to train greenwood but he trains with this longstaff guy and i can only train cavani even though i don't want to train him. Can someone explain why this happened? Also how does this coaching style works like what is attacking coach,youth, defend,fitness all that shit.
  16. The reason im saying this shit is because scouts only matters if you want a youth player for your reserves group. The thing is,if they wanna improve scouts,they have to add youth scouts for like youth intake every month instead of a long season where you have to accept 2 players who is a wonderkid potential