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  1. ian77

    Northern Ireland Upset

    Great to see a other league being used wat are your tactics for this save you said 442 dimond àny change to see them please finding tactics hard to find on 19 this time cheers
  2. Great job pal will very much come in hand was wondering if there's any chance of the championship in England would love to see what they all have
  3. Can't wait to see how the boro go on with the kids
  4. Will give it ago with a afc fylde save see if it works lower down
  5. Will probably try my team west brom also like trying afc fylde or blackpool only cuz live here
  6. I no normally you dnt show ur tactics on careers but having great sucess what are you playing with?
  7. Thats never happened to me wat were your tactics to beat barcelona that score ?
  8. I havnt posted for a while but like it says in title dont no if its since update but all well most of my careers they always seem to die round xmas tactics stop working for me, can start off really well with any club mostly my saves blackpool then the dreaded xmas approaches and what ive been playing with just stops tryed changing players cuz of fitness but im one to stick with it but to no avail always end up sacked round feb time was wondering if anyone else have this problem and if theres anythink i can do i do love the game and cnt wait for the 19 but sumtimes it really frustrates me cheers
  9. Hiya bin tryn this tactic with afc fylde but first 5 games have drawn all was wondering ifit happened to ur team and do you need to stixk at it? Cheers
  10. Is it on eme pal mite ava go with blackpool
  11. What is your tactics mate great start im still tryin to find a good one
  12. Looks good wonder if would work with lower teams? Mite give ago with my hkme town blackpool
  13. Very good article mate, i only eva load 1 league a time so will give ago wid more also ur tactics no its a 4321 with wingers and af but wat passin defence line etc do you play pal? Havnt found a good one yet on this years they neva seem to last cheers
  14. How did the season get on?? Also has anyone else tried it with any other teams??