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  1. I’m playing as Galway United. So, as a team in Ireland my budget is still fairly small and that’s after a few years of buying decent expiring contracts and selling them at a profit. It’s 2022 and due to some luck and a miracle goal at Camp Nou we made it to the Champions League Quarterfinal where we were beaten by Paris St. Germain. So, my question is this; would it be wrong to edit my budget to give myself the roughly 20-30 million I would get for qualifying for the quarterfinals? My squad isn’t bad but it’s by no means good enough to win against bigger European clubs without injury/red card/dumb luck. This would be enough money to possibly change that. Let me know what you guys think. As an aside, this is on 19. I have 20 but my save got a little stale and I remembered the save I started in November of last had an amazing wonderkid and I wanted to see how his career played out. True 5 star potential striker as a 16 year old academy product.
  2. I recently downloaded the database and I have found it to be nearly useless. If you’re in The first couple of seasons I could see where there would be some uses but so far I don’t see much other than being able to look up players I had in previous years games and seeing where they are and if they still have the same abilities. It also seems that it’s almost singularly for the desktop version. I’m sure there’s some simple reason why it’s not possible but I would love to have something that would allow me to port in the information from my game so that I can use it for my saves that have gone on 5-20 years. We have all this information hat has been crowdsourced about projected costs. Yet, there is none of that on display. We get a projection of overall skill and where the players abilities are when you start a new game. Overall, I just want more. I would gladly pay for this information. He complaints on the App Store about it being empty and an excuse to give up more money aren’t unfounded. I just think we should be given more if we will be asked to pay. Has anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts? I hope SI will be giving it updates often and will consider some of the things I’ve mentioned.
  3. Why aren't all of the Spanish League teams properly named? Same as German teams? I didn't even notice until I got an offer to manage Real San Sebastian. Why aren't all of the Spanish League teams properly named? Same as German teams? I didn't even notice until I got an offer to manage Real San Sebastian.
  4. Yeah, I'm using my normal tactic which is the ashes/prize Brazilian tactic from their Pele rivaldo challenge. It's a great attacking style that you can use even with teams with limited skills. The only problem with using it at Celtic is I've got a few really good wing players who aren't playing at all.
  5. Okay, started a new game this morning as Celtic. Got frustrated quickly in the Irish leagues with the very limited wages and ability to find cheap players. So, I figured I would try a relaxing game with Celtic. Win a few trophies and try to bring the big one to Paradise. Not quite halfway through the first season and I was shocked to find that Leigh Griffiths has won World Player of the year. I've had players win it before but never in the first year that I've been playing. His stats are good but not that much better than I've had players play before. I wouldn't have thought Celtic's and the Scottish League's reputation would be high enough for him to win it that quickly.
  6. But the thing is that the lower leagues aren't difficult to get out of if you have talent. The league can be won with one or two mercurial players and solid players around them. In point of fact you are right. But in my system you aren't trying to get Serie C players to join your team permanently in the first year. You're looking at the big clubs reserve teams and trying to convince them to loan you players. You won't get all of them. But if you keep pestering you will get a couple of players who are way above the talent level. The main places I've found players willing to come to my side are the Portuguese and German teams reserve sides with some Spanish thrown in there. No, you're not going to get them in the Vanarama N/S but you can get them in the Conference. In the N/S you are probably right about looking for free signings. But, in my opinion you need to be looking ahead. You need the database of these bigger leagues as you move up in the ranks. What are you going to do with the availability of a bunch of Welsh and Irishmen who couldn't crack the bench of most League One sides? The best thing to do is make smart signings and good tactical decisions. Almost all teams at the lower levels play either 4-4-2 or 4-5-1. They have very limited playmaking abilities. It's mostly kick the ball forward and run. Look for the best passers you can find/afford and set them in the middle of your pitch and watch the goals rack up. If you can get a player with 13 passing and decisions they will control your league. Get a striker with as much pace as possible with the best shooting you can find and he will score many, many goals. You know what's easy to find in the lower leagues, flawed players. Guys that can pass and set up scoring but not get back. You're not going to get a Gerrard but you can get the homeless man's version. Find defenders who are strong and know where to be. If you're playing in the Irish or Welsh leagues if you win the League you will get a half million or so budget. The players in those leagues are cheap. Fill holes from the League you're playing in and try to go find one or two evogens that should be playing in a much better league. Yes, if you don't get promoted you're going to be in trouble if you've signed a bunch of players looking at a bigger budget and you don't get it. DO NOT SIGN THEM. Loan them. Yes, it looks bad in the year but all of that is wiped off in June. Pick better players.
  7. God, i detest the big club release clause. I always play in lower leagues and although it can be an extremely useful tool if you HAVE to have a player for the most part it bites you in the butt eventually. I can't even count the number strikers I've lost to the release clause. One save I had last year with Galway I couldn't keep a striker for more than half a year. He would come in, score 20-30 goals and someone would snap him up for a million or two and off I would have to go to find another striker capable of dominating the Irish League and holding his own in Europe. The problem is that the buy out clauses are so low in the lower leagues. It used to be possible (before this year, haven't tested it/had much luck this year) to buy evogens for nothing and create a world class squad in the lower leagues. You have to pound the transfer markets, keep a look out constantly for bargains. Argentina, Columbia and Uruguay were places you could buy players for nothing and then go dominate your league. One thing that was (seemingly) different in the older games was that evogens were cheap. So far everyone seems to be getting paid much more than last year. It's made it incredibly difficult to start in the lower leagues and build a world class club. I played as Grimsby a lot and one thing I would always do is go on a loan spree. Look abroad and anyone who is better and in your wage bracket ask to loan them. Shoot for the stars. Occasionally you could get players that will allow you to become incredible. In my opinion don't worry about wage budgets when you're in the lower leagues. Get the players and you will succeed. At the end of the day that's all that matters. Loans and Bosman transfers are the two most important tools you have to move up in leagues. Until you get to League One/Championship (aka when you get a real budget) loan as many players as you can that will make your squad better. There's no limit on foreign loans! I've had entire starting elevens of loaned players and won the league. The board on mobile isn't nearly as powerful as in the full version. Yeah, they'll get a little miffed at you for the wages but your victories will resonate much louder. I would respectfully disagree with your advice to load Welsh, Irish, Lower English leagues if you're playing as a lower league team. There is more talent in lower leagues in Italy, Spain and Germany. You can bring them in on loan and get them through Bosman transfers. Yeah, you're financial acumen and domestic player bias will suffer but as the prophet Al Davis said "Just win baby!"
  8. i'm starting out my career at Grimsby. I was promoted the first year and had a decent budget for the move into League 2 (2.7 million) I let go of most of my players from the year before and tried to sign cheap regens and younger players from non-power nations. Worked like a charm. I even managed to get one player who has the potential to be amazing. His name is Edgar Rodriguez, a Columbian whom I bought for 325k. Ten games into the season he's already scored ten goals and his value is 1.1 million. A bidding war starts and I'm forced to sell him for 2 million because i only convinced him to sign with a big club release clause. I'm completely heartbroken. I usually bring in players like this and only sell them after I find someone better. I can't even do the old trick of resigning them to a raise and no big club release clause. I have until the new year to find a new world class striker who will sign for a league 2 team. Not going to happen.