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  1. Pardon my language, but what the everloving FUCK is Roma doing?
  2. Yeah, don't let the green Shooting fool you.
  3. Not sure about best in the world but yeah, would take him over, say, Lukaku or Mbappe every day, guy's really good.
  4. Caring about "human rights" or whatever exclusively when it's convenient has to be a much more popular sport than football.
  5. This is easy. 1) Chelsea won the Champions League. 2) Juventus won against Chelsea, who won the ECL. 3) And Empoli beat Juventus who beat Chelsea, so Empoli is the strongest team in Europe. QED (?)
  6. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Bonucci and Chiellini are persistently featured in Lukaku's nightmares by now.
  7. I love Real Madrid, but that was amazing. A Greek keeper, a striker from Uzbekistan and a trequartista from Luxembourg, playing for a club worth pennies in a country I'm not sure exists, coming on top of one of the strongest teams in the world is absolutely great. I'd do a career with them but they're not even playable in FMM. Beautiful.
  8. Oh, and reduced battery drain would be great. Game's a phone killer.
  9. Just saying that this looks really fun, wish I'd have joined.
  10. It'd be hilarious if Juventus manages to have a good Champions League run the year CR leaves while United bombs. Of course, it won't happen.
  11. A few things: - The AI sucks at tactics and raising players, that's a big issue. - Allow to offer a player to a specific club or set of clubs instead of everyone. - Explain how finances work in-game. - A 2/3 week injury should definitely not set back a player a whole year! - Single player instructions would be pretty neat. - Show staff effects. - Add faces for newgens/regens, please.
  12. This is a bit different from my usual challenges, but how can I not attempt it?
  13. The Trials rules are now updated for those who want to attempt the Trials outside of Europe, enjoy.
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