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  1. Other Player Generator

    yes i mean that. its okay to put 1-20 but in hex, its mean from 1-14. and there can be other variable, mean game will choose it randomly in certains rule.
  2. Other Player Generator

    if u want to edit someone, at this time is easily direct to hex editing instead of using this. u must to do is search which and where is address for what will edited. calculator in windows can do converting hex to dec and vice versa. for add stat manually using this tool you only need to edit plcopy and pepcopy sheet manually. but dont save it or u will not able to use that again for copying people
  3. Other Player Generator

    yes like i said for sorting it alphabetically. that is rule for use any lookup formulas in excel Is HP mean Android Device? not all formulas are provided in Excel Program on android device. and copy pasting ways is hard to do there ehehehe. Sure, i also thank u use this
  4. Other Player Generator

    Club_table is for lookup where they will play. And, u MUST short it alphabetically and MUST be exactly same in bio and club_table If you get familiar how excel is work, u will easily find what the mistakes is. Also u need to know how people.dat and player.dat in database works U choose "england", is u load another country too? If not database used is "englandsolo" instead of "england". So if u edit "england" u need other league loaded
  5. is ur game is the latest version?
  6. Try for drown yourself deeper to this forum, u will find many how to make any National Team playable. the very simple thing is using changes.txt in this link
  7. Help FMM Save Editor

    there is a cycle about evogens, one retiring the similar one will come but not exactly the same. why u didnt want that that retirement?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a save of German National Team. Enhanced match engine with Germany as a first nation loaded then followed by Spain, England, and Italy. Installation: For Android 1. Download the file then extract it. 2. Move it to "Android/data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files/save_games/" change "#" to desired save slot (1 to 4) 3. Load the game and play For iOS 1. Download the extract it. 2. Change "#" to desired save slot (1 to 4) 3. Move it into Sharing Area using iTunes 4. Load the game and play ENJOY!
  9. yes, it is thanks @Alari, added in cautions
  10. I try for starting a new game, checking UI, and simulating 6 months with no problem seen
  11. Many FMM Players around me are grumbling about big data increase after update. I have install FMM latest version without any Players graphics installed even from game or vibe, only standard logos megapacks from vibe installed and got a bit over 1 GB data used at my storage. When we install for the first time or when there an UI or databases update or tweaked, sometimes we need to download new data directly from SI's server it will called retina.zip , then the game will unzipping it automatically, but the zip folder will remain at ur storage and when there is a new database update or tweaked, the old still remain there too. Will be on folder called archive at database folder. I think those files are not used by game (Please Correct me if i wrong). Archive folder are used for older database. So for saving our storage we just need to dump those files (or back up it to PC if needed later). Cautions: Thanks for @Dec Thans for @Alari so if u remove archive folder, can make the game crashed when u load a save or start a new game with november database. And, by dumping those, we will save our storage about 500 MB, isn't so big but for some handheld that has limited storage surely it will help. So there is a trick from me, to save our storage. Thanks for reading.
  12. Become A Fmm Legend!

    No it didn't, i think that problems comes from my PC or my internet
  13. Become A Fmm Legend!

    Sorry for being freeze almost a week. Ill do update again this night here, will it still exciting?
  14. Fun/Games Manager Game!

    Thanks @Oi Oi . Come in a best shape of a team, i think mine is didnt do anything , and let all players to do what they want. And they want to be a champion so they deserve it. Waiting next update, mostly for transfers