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  1. Their feet will remain the same and they always keep their mentor position. They usually will keep their nationalities but there are exceptions: players from countries will loaded might end up with another country you load, and players from other countries might have their original nationality as a second nationality. But TBF hidden attributes matter much more than PA if the PA is good enough (160+). I'd definitely pick Quagliarella over Balotelli.
  2. I have the same suspicion, and I think reputation might also factor into that. But - that doesn't mean we can't let them develop the attribute we want (even though it feels like exploiting a bug of the game). @Watchhands would you mind loaning that Murray guy out multiple times and see what happens? You can save it to a different slot to make sure your current save doesn't get impacted.
  3. Grab a mentor for him. But you have to make a choice between the three attributes. Work rate and professionalism can go up sometimes by criticizing. Loyalty can only be improved by mentoring.
  4. Have to say I haven't seen that for a while. Gotta say this is the first time I see mentor breaking down, the players are happy about it, and there is an improvement. During early days when this happens to me there won't be any improvement and the youngster will start to hate his mentor. But since the message is there I think it has been changed?
  5. You need to get rid of players with negative influence and buy players with good personality. Age won't help much in this case, Balotelli is old but getting him to improve your squad dynamics is a disastrous idea.
  6. @Scratch Here's something interesting. I currently have a few pairs of mentor relationship that fell apart. If I terminate them myself, the player doesn't show any improvement. However, if it's terminated by a player leaving (I loaned them out), then the hidden attribute will change. I need more testing on that but perhaps we can keep that as a last resort. Update: it works!
  7. That will be great. I'm also a bit curious about anticipation and corners. Can't find anything that looks like it in FMMS.
  8. In addition to the league level, they probably have some professionalism issue.
  9. 1. Get your fingers crossed that some day he will finally take your criticism. 2. Get a professional striker as his mentor, then get your fingers crossed that the mentor relationship will succeed. Did you give him a contract that your staff told you it's too big or too small? Such contract offer will hamper his hidden attribute, and it seems like it's professionalism for your Delap.
  10. This is very interesting. I need to upload my save to my laptop to use FMMS so I never bothered trying it. I thought it narrows the widest gap by 1 but that doesn't seem to explain pressure handling, which isn't the widest between them. BTW is unselfishness and teamwork the same thing? I realized teamwork goes up as work rate does but I don't know if the reverse is true.
  11. Thank you for your recognition! From the scout/coach report, these comments are related to hidden attributes: From training report: Of course and there's squad dynamics. The top three are quite straightforward. I'm still trying to figure out morale but I think it's either the player or his friend(s) has some thing to complain about. Also the very ambitious players seem to have built-in negative impact on morale. Loyalty is also pretty weird. I saw Frenkie De Jong with 15 loyalty having F level influence and Luka Modric with 13 having B???
  12. Oh yeah? I thought Huntelaar is 160. Gotta double check. Plus Huntelaar's hidden attributes (consistency and big games) are lower than Costa's. Sure consistency can be mentored but there might be more important attributes to improve.
  13. Yeah that "picks up personality" is what I look for in a mentor relationship, but I think it just indicates one attribute has been increased. If that doesn't show and it's just a morale boost, then an attribute has been impacted negatively. I'm not quite sure if that slight increase in personality is caused by team dynamics or mentor relationship since I always start mentoring ASAP (does dynamics even work?). Sometimes the mentor relationship doesn't get all the way to the end but the personality still changes. When that happens, you can't pick which attribute to be changed. I haven't quite figured out how that works. Huntelaar is great but I feel like Man City should have a Diego Costa level player as their starting striker. I think the hidden attributes are more important given the PA gap isn't too big (haven't seen anyone else saying Rashford better than Mbappe other than myself).
  14. These personalities do not apply to other versions of FMM, it's FMM21 only!!! After going over some leagues in England, Germany, Italy, and Spain, I think I now have a brief idea of most (if not all) personalities we will encounter in a regular gameplay. So here goes: There are 10 attributes that affect a player's personality: adaptability, ambition, determination, pressure handling, loyalty, professionalism, sportsmanship, temperament, work rate, and consistency. These two articles on attributes and personalities from Guide to FM are great places to check how each of these attributes works. Some definitions: Terrible: 6- Poor: 7-9 (7-8 for loyalty) Average: 10-15 (10-14 for work rate and leadership, 9-15 for loyalty) Good: 16+ (15+ for work rate and leadership) All personalities (in alphabetical order): Adaptable: good adaptability. Ambitious: good ambition, at most average determination, at least poor sportsmanship, at least average professionalism, at least average loyalty. Casual: at most poor work rate. Determined: good determination, at most average ambition. Driven: good work rate, terrible temperament. Highly Strung: terrible pressure handling, at most poor professionalism. Honest: good teamwork, good sportsmanship. Insecure: terrible pressure handling, at least poor consistency. Intense: good pressure handling, terrible sportsmanship, terrible temperament. Model Professional: good professionalism, good temperament, good loyalty, at most average determination, at most average leadership. Modest: terrible ambition, at most average professionalism. Modest Professional: good professionalism, terrible ambition. Moody: good ambition, at most poor professionalism. Natural Leader: good professionalism, good temperament, good loyalty, good leadership, at most average determination. Normal: nothing else applies. Petulant: terrible pressure handling, terrible consistency. Professional: good professionalism, at most average temperament. Relaxed: at most poor professionalism, at most average ambition. Relentless: good ambition, good determination, terrible sportsmanship. Relentlessly Ambitious: good ambition, good determination, at least poor sportsmanship. Ruthless: good ambition, terrible sportsmanship, at most average determination. Selfish: at least average work rate, at most poor teamwork. Steady: good professionalism, good temperament, at most average loyalty. Strict Leader: good professionalism, good determination, good temperament, good loyalty, good leadership. Strict Professional: good professionalism, good determination, good temperament, good loyalty, at most average leadership. Temperamental: terrible temperament, at most average work rate. Unfocused: terrible pressure handling, at most poor professionalism, at most poor determination. Unselfish: good teamwork, at most average sportsmanship. Unsporting: terrible sportsmanship, at most average ambition. Very Ambitious: good ambition, at most poor loyalty. Personalities in italics means I'm not 100% certain and need more cases to prove them, but the ones stated above are reasonable hypothesis. There are tons of irregularities for unselfish so I won't bother with it (seems like the teamwork in FMM and the teamwork in FMMS isn't the exact same thing). But if you find any other exceptions than Serge Aurier (for relaxed) then please let me know. Great thanks to @WalterWong. This article can't be done without his FMMS.
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