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  1. Erling Haaland has scored 1170 for my Man City career + 85 goals for Norway so 1250 in total, got him marking the keeper with in swing corners, so left footers from the right and right footers from the left and the goals just flowed in ⚽👊⚽👊
  2. So these 3 screenshot only show about 12 of his 18 seasons in the game, they have been cut off from the start of his career
  3. This was my first successful attempt after many failed tries too so I'd be gutted if it was all in vain
  4. Nope, I bought him from Boca age 16 for £62m where he already had 20 in 19, sent him out on loan for a few seasons to lower division german sides where he was scoring approx 40 a season until he was 21, then put him in my first team, until he was 35 years old, I stayed Barca manager the whole time, I still have the saved game which I can upload, kep it just in case, but his first 5 seasons have dropped off his "player history" screen, is that normal for that to happen, that history cannot show 20 seasons in a list
  5. I have a player who has done this, nearly 1050 goals including international, but lots of his seasons have dissapeard coz they were so long ago, but he definitely scored almost 1050 goals, how can I get evidence. He had over 1k goals 2 season before he retired, but then player very little games last 2 season due to bug drop in ability so put him in B team in his last seasons
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