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  1. Should I play with low def line? And what about attacking options? I think I should play 4-4-2 with a TM and P with long balls. I'llbe happy if I get 1 point against Atletico. But if they will score a goal? On what ways should I focus to recoup?
  2. My current team(Granada) is struggling against top-clubs without any attemps. So, how should I play against bigger clubs (barca, real, atletico) if they are favorites?
  3. I tried short passing, Grant as DLF and IWBs, so we won against Burnley with a great attaking display and brought 1 point aganst Chelsea with a very solid game. Thanks for your help!
  4. I don't have such problems with defence, the last mach vs Newcastle I played with FBs and direct passing. The board will sack me after some days, l'm convinced. I don't know how to appreciate it.
  5. It's my second Manager carrier in FMM21 and I'm fighting against relegation with West Brom. Now my team occupies 16th place in EPL and have terrifying problems with scoring goals, they scored only 7 goals in 10 games. On the final third I use WIB and Throughballs. Our team always end games with only 5-7 shots. On post-match report I always see "our striker didn't test opposition keeper enough" and "lone striker didn't have support". My forward Karlan Grant can't enter the game, he scored 3 goals, but he missed some moments and he always loose aerial duels. I hope for your help to improve the situation. I'm so sorry for my poor English.
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