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  1. This can make me cry .... a lot.
  2. Chat Sugar Daddy

    Pick Barcelona/Real Madrid/Bayern/Juventus. Load a PlugNPlay tactic. Stay 3-5 seasons in charge of the team. It will be boring but you will unlock SD unless you fail hard as manager. I`m not sure that promotion will get you SD.
  3. Please continue this save untill you reach Championship. A couple of days ago I managed to reach Championship with Salford while using SD. Every single season I was able to win the league with a single draw or lost game. When I entered CH I lost almost all my games. I was wandering if the game still treats me as VNorth team and predetermines the outcome of the games. Also if you sign that Ameobi guy, that`s fine. But can you keep him? I was unable to hire players without the big club release clause. The next transfer window Ameobi is a goner and you can`t do a thing about it. Btw that spoiled the game for me.
  4. Chat Interesting Find

    I thought that you get this unlockable if you go for BIG transfer both IN and OUT (for example if you get Pogba and sell De Gea). You won`t profit from this, cos Pogba costs more, but still the game will award you.
  5. Chat Interesting Find

    As far as I know this is an unlockable - removes transfer window restrictions.
  6. Set your own rules. Let me share mine: - don`t pick top teams /NO Real Madrid/Barcelona/Bayern Munich/Manchester United etc./ - pick players from the same nation /You pick German club, hire only German players/ I break this rule when I loan players but they are youngsters and they don`t make huge impact on your team/ - focus on your manager profile and make sure that you stay above 15 on all attributes /except the last one about discipline - could not figure how to go above 15 there/
  7. Other Summer update transfer 2017/2018

    I`m using the license fix because I play with German clubs a lot. The file name is changes.txt. The summer transfer update is changes.txt also and should be placed in the same folder. Will I lose the old file if I copy and replace it.
  8. The topic says it all. How do you boost your Discipline? I don`t overtrain my players, I keep a good and healthy relationship, I back them when needed, I praise them always. I`m a good guy. You can say I`m a carebear. What`am I missing? ... When a player requests to be retrained is it wise to say NO? ... When playing Cup finals /League cup finals or Champions league finals/ your opponents seem to be on steroids. Is this true?
  9. Help Help explain

    How many local boys do you have and use in the team. For example if you play with a Russian team you may buy players from all over the world, but this rating will drop. If you buy Russian players this rating will grow.
  10. Tactics Tactics dying :/

    If I have to guess what is wrong with your performance, I would say: bad tactic + IT Most guys probably go for intensive training (IT), to get the best from their players. That is OK if you have the players to handle IT. Using IT will help you get some beasts on the playground as long as they are healthy. Once they start to get injured their performance drops and you can`t use your core players in every single game. Advice: IT + good rotation + good substitutions Even better: adapt IT (drop some attributes) + good rotations As for the bad tactic. Some of the users here can handle every single tactic and make it work. They know how to read the tactic, they know how to read the players and they know how to adapt to every single opponent. I`m not that bright and I stick to OP tactics that can handle opponents without adaptations. Stick around here and soon you will find topics about such tactics.
  11. If I have to change this it will be: Luongo/Kasim line - change from APM+APM to BWM+DLM Def. line is good so you might change Pressing ON, counter attack OFF, MBB OFF. I hope that some of the members will share some ideas.
  12. 2015 just question for Defender Tactics .

    From my own experience I would use - Ramos and Nacho. We speak about the game and who is good ingame and not in real life. Ramos and Nacho can handle IT to it`s full potential. They can turn into MONSTERS. Varane is known to be prone to injuries and Sakho is not my kind of super player. CD + CD for me