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  1. M00re

    FMM18 General Discussion

    My main goal with every FM....
  2. M00re

    Non contract reserve players

    I can`t really say that I understand this game but one thing I know: The game AI respects the CA/PA more than those green stats. Green player like this guy with 2 CA is a lower league player. Green player like this guy with 4.5 - 5 CA is a GOD walking among mere mortals.
  3. This is the real deal. Try it and you will be able to unlock everything.
  4. M00re

    OME tactics?

    This is by far the most OP OME tactic here.
  5. Maaaaaaan does this count too? I will never be a good manager.
  6. A couple of questions here. I`m after De Rossi and I have this Nicola Almici guy. It fits the description but my scout says PA 2. I`m sure that if this guy joins my club he will gain CA/PA. He can even become the president of the USA due to IT, but it will still bug me - is this De Rossi. If you scout a regen does it show 4-5 PA? Does the natural position/s of the regen match the original /100% match/?
  7. M00re

    The game has been ruined

    Guys I just couldn`t resist to put this here ...... Before the last game against Bologna it`s 93PTS for me and 93PTS for Juventus. 0 : 1 Kean /2 min/ 0 : 2 Kean /5 min/ I`m the new champion baby ......... 1 : 2 --> 2 : 2 --> 3 : 2 --> 4 : 2 The only thing that saved me from braking my phone was that I was in a local public bus with a lot of people around me. At this point FMM was the worst game that I have ever played. 4 : 3 Orsolini /77 min/ 4 : 4 Niang /80 min/ 4 : 5 Orsolini /84 min/ At this point FMM was the BEST game that I have ever played.
  8. M00re

    FMM18 General Discussion

    I play the game the way it should be probably played. Don`t sell/buy a lot of guys. Go for local players. Buy youngsters. Sell players at a profit even if they are superstars. I don`t have discipline problems and this manager attribute DRIVES ME CRAZY..........
  9. M00re


    Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and Juventus can roll though everything. It will take 2/3 days to unlock everything.
  10. Following the guide above I was able to spot Iniesta. Filtered - 21/Nation/Position/4 Attributes - 10 I think this is the guy. Coach says:
  11. The guide is clear and simple and it helps a lot. I would love to know a couple of things. Let`s say I want to get Messi. I`ll have to scrapbook him in his prime and wait for him to retire. I remember when someone wrote an article on this matter and said that regens pop up on certain dates. My question are: How do you keep track of his retirement? Is there a way to set certain notification ON? When is the time to check for his regen? I`m aware that most of you guys like this sweet pain in searching for the regens/evogens or whatever they are called, but not me.
  12. M00re

    Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    CA PA 1 star cost 90+ mil the scout is gold
  13. M00re

    national team unlock

    Right now I`m after the SD unlockable and after that I`ll go for the IM /international management/. IM is hard to get because you`ll have to search for possible nation teams to manage that sacked their coach. Such things happen after a major forum - World Cup or Europe Cup. If you are hip and cool and you win a lot of cups /local league cups/, teams like Cameroon will call you. I know you want Brazil, but Cameroon is all you get. This is my expirience with 2017 and I`m not sure if the same happens in 2018, but I`ll soon find out.
  14. M00re

    FMM18 - New Features

    I see it as one additional option to look for player that I may buy.
  15. M00re

    Has the game ever made you cry?

    This can make me cry .... a lot.