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  1. ALL tactics that are in the tactics section of the board are EME tactics. Most of them are GODMODE / PLUG N PLAY / KILL EM ALL / LOOK MA NO HANDS tactics. OME tactics are low on supply and so far this is probably the best one. I king of spoiled it a bit. I always play with a twist. I buy only local players. I can`t find the perfect BWM that happens to be Italian also. Parolo. Sturaro. BWM is important.
  2. I`m doing fine so far. I do counter the top teams and I think that I can add a lot to my defence next year. AC Milan is loaded with potential and is a great team.
  3. Don`t kill the boy guys. OP buy the game and enjoy the full experience. You have potential.
  4. OME 4 games into this tactic and I must say that I`m doing fine. One thing is for sure - almost no one scores against me and I win with 1 goal.
  5. Documents/Sports Interactive/FMM19/normal/games fm_save 1 - 4 are your saves hidden are the auto saves
  6. Looks great and I`ll test it on OME. Hope to make AC Milan great again.
  7. M00re

    What should I do?

    And what happens when the coach says that I push someone too hard? I set the training to normal for everyone. When someone is injured I change it to light. Should I change the training to light when the coach says such a thing? Should I change the training role if it`s not the natural role for the player? Should I ignore it?
  8. Liverpoolsim share the shape/defence and attack of your tactic. EDIT: Your tactic is really good. Even my poor management was unable to spoil it.
  9. Guys I`ll give those tactics a try. So far I don`t have anything to work with. I`m a poor manager.
  10. This is not how we do it here Sim. First you post a topic with your tactic, by only using player roles that no one ever herd of - for example sweaper keeper, libero, anchor man, defensive winger, trequarista or defensive forward. You also post your results. Beating small teams like Pescara, Eibar or Manchester City 10 to 0 is good. Beating big teams like Juventus, FC Bayern or Barcelona 4 to 0 is great. Make sure to give your tactic a decent name - GODMODE or LOOK MAA NO HANDS are already in use. You have my curiosity. Hope you win my attention.
  11. Murton show some love to OME users. I`m trying to sort this tactic to the OME conditions and I win against small clubs with AC Milan /players are good - I don`t have a good BWM, but rest is great/. Lost to Juve 0 - 6 and I was crying a lot. They dominate the ball. What should I do in this case?
  12. I`m also looking for OME tactics.
  13. Is there a way to set intensity on a team level? For example all players train on intensive level...
  14. M00re

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Once you go purple you never go back