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  1. Help Unlockables

    Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and Juventus can roll though everything. It will take 2/3 days to unlock everything.
  2. Following the guide above I was able to spot Iniesta. Filtered - 21/Nation/Position/4 Attributes - 10 I think this is the guy. Coach says:
  3. The guide is clear and simple and it helps a lot. I would love to know a couple of things. Let`s say I want to get Messi. I`ll have to scrapbook him in his prime and wait for him to retire. I remember when someone wrote an article on this matter and said that regens pop up on certain dates. My question are: How do you keep track of his retirement? Is there a way to set certain notification ON? When is the time to check for his regen? I`m aware that most of you guys like this sweet pain in searching for the regens/evogens or whatever they are called, but not me.
  4. Chat Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    CA PA 1 star cost 90+ mil the scout is gold
  5. Help national team unlock

    Right now I`m after the SD unlockable and after that I`ll go for the IM /international management/. IM is hard to get because you`ll have to search for possible nation teams to manage that sacked their coach. Such things happen after a major forum - World Cup or Europe Cup. If you are hip and cool and you win a lot of cups /local league cups/, teams like Cameroon will call you. I know you want Brazil, but Cameroon is all you get. This is my expirience with 2017 and I`m not sure if the same happens in 2018, but I`ll soon find out.
  6. Chat FMM18 - New Features

    I see it as one additional option to look for player that I may buy.
  7. This can make me cry .... a lot.
  8. Chat Sugar Daddy

    Pick Barcelona/Real Madrid/Bayern/Juventus. Load a PlugNPlay tactic. Stay 3-5 seasons in charge of the team. It will be boring but you will unlock SD unless you fail hard as manager. I`m not sure that promotion will get you SD.
  9. Please continue this save untill you reach Championship. A couple of days ago I managed to reach Championship with Salford while using SD. Every single season I was able to win the league with a single draw or lost game. When I entered CH I lost almost all my games. I was wandering if the game still treats me as VNorth team and predetermines the outcome of the games. Also if you sign that Ameobi guy, that`s fine. But can you keep him? I was unable to hire players without the big club release clause. The next transfer window Ameobi is a goner and you can`t do a thing about it. Btw that spoiled the game for me.
  10. Chat Interesting Find

    I thought that you get this unlockable if you go for BIG transfer both IN and OUT (for example if you get Pogba and sell De Gea). You won`t profit from this, cos Pogba costs more, but still the game will award you.
  11. Chat Interesting Find

    As far as I know this is an unlockable - removes transfer window restrictions.
  12. Set your own rules. Let me share mine: - don`t pick top teams /NO Real Madrid/Barcelona/Bayern Munich/Manchester United etc./ - pick players from the same nation /You pick German club, hire only German players/ I break this rule when I loan players but they are youngsters and they don`t make huge impact on your team/ - focus on your manager profile and make sure that you stay above 15 on all attributes /except the last one about discipline - could not figure how to go above 15 there/
  13. Other Summer update transfer 2017/2018

    I`m using the license fix because I play with German clubs a lot. The file name is changes.txt. The summer transfer update is changes.txt also and should be placed in the same folder. Will I lose the old file if I copy and replace it.