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  1. I have mixed views on this game. I bought it yesterday, had it download whilst in church (oops) and rushed home to play before the F1. I booted the game up and just started a arsenal career (no longer exists). Went to start my first match when im given a 30 second delay telling me the team news and the players to watch. That instantly annoyed me. The games themselves take ages, even on the highest speed. The transfer system is the best its ever been, and the results are kinda what you expect in real life, which is a bonus. I bought the editor and had a little play, im probably only use it at the start of each game season to change kit colours, but thats about it. Overall, ive spent £16.98 and im still trying to find justification. The menu system is a nightmare, and the userface isn't the prettiest. But im sure it'll grow on me, im hoping it does.
  2. FIFA World Nations League

    Slight Issue Is Transfers Still Occur. Rakitic Left Croatia For Liverpool, And Piszczek Left Poland For Arsenal.
  3. 2014 FMH 2014 General Discussion

    I Beat England 7-2 As Scotland At The 2036 Euro's A While Back.
  4. 2015 FMH 2015 - My wish list

    I Personnally Wouldnt Change Much. I Like The Idea's Put Forward So Far But I Also Reckon They Should Allow The Four Choosen Nations To Have All Leagues Available Instead Of Having All English Leagues But Only Serie A For Example. Longer Gameplay Then. Also, With The Kit Idea, You Should Be Able To Choose Home, Away Or 3rd Before A Game.
  5. Worst ever injury?

    I Had A Guy Called Tom Jones Playing For Me At The 2026 World Cup For Wales. We Got Put In Group E With Moldova, Senegal And The USA. In The Games Against Senagal And The USA, He Scored 4 And 9 Goals In Those Games. We Played Moldova, And Just After HT, He Got Injured. After The Game (Only A 2-0 Win) My News Said He WasOut For 15Months! 15! After The World Cup, It Came On My News That He Has Been Advised To Retire!
  6. 2014 Sign up form

    Forum name: Tony/MCFC13 Real name: Tony Currie Nationality: Welsh Age on 1st July 2013: 16 Preferred position: DMC Secondary position: MC
  7. 2014 Project Oxygen [Android] Sign Up

    ^Best News^
  8. 2014 Save Editor for FMH 14?

    With This And Project Oxygen Going Well (From Your Reports) You Are One And Truely One Person Who Deserves Recognition For What Has Been And What Will Be.
  9. 2014 League Logo

    So Guys I Need Help! Now That All My Clubs (And My MyClub) Have Logo's, The Game Is Almost Complete But, Is There A Way Of Adding Extra Competition Logo's In? E.g. BPL, UCL, Europa League ect. Thanks.
  10. 2014 FMH 2014 CHEAT!!!!

    So basically if you just cheat in the game, does that mean you cheated to get the game? Because if you payed, you wouldnt feel the urge to use sugar daddy over and over!
  11. 2014 FMH 14 Pre Editor [Oxygen Revealed]

    I Am Amazed! Love The Way I Can Add Pictures Aswell!