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  1. I know this game is old and so too are the files, but when I click on download I get "No input file specified" on a blank white page. Any idea how to get the files, I've reinstalled old Football Manager games, and I'd love the logos. thanks in advance
  2. So as i wait for FMH2016 i thought id reinstall fmh2015(deleted it a while back). So downloads it off GooglePlay and installs basic data. All is good but after the copyright screen it goes black and stays black..........ive uninstalled/reinstalled. Cleared cache and the fmh2015 data folder the lot. No luck. Can anybody help. It worked perfectly before. Im using Galaxy s4 And Yes i got it from GooglePlay Ta
  3. congrats. glad its working for you
  4. I totally agree. After i completed my A levels in Film/Media, watching films was a totally new experience. You sort of see things in a whole new light. And you'll at least once say "Ooo, i know what the director did there", which if your watching with mates, you'll come across as a pretentious douche. :-p
  5. Calling all ans of Anime, post your favorite anime films/series here. Ive been revisiting a lot of my favorite animes along with some i haven't seen before. My favorites are Akira, 5cm per second, Princess Mononoke, Perfect Blue, A place promised in our early days neon genesis series and Ghost in the shell movies+series. Ive never watched an anime that i haven't liked, but those are the ones that hold a lot of nostalgic value
  6. Not a rap/hip hop traditionalist, but i do have a few rap artists on vinyl/cd. Notably my favorite atm are -Death Grips -Danny Brown -Earl SweatShirt -Tyler The Creator(tends to get tedious quite quickly) -Armand Hammer's album And some other stuff.....
  7. False9, calm your sack, poor joke was meant to be poor.
  8. Reading the interview, i was waiting for you to bring the piracy question out. I basically read it as "So Mr V, what do you think of these freeloading jacka**es,??" >.< Good read, good read.
  9. Rafa, you my brother :-) Im a huge radiohead fan.......
  10. Ok in my 5th season Ive achieved proberly my greatest season from any FM ever. Played a 104 pt season without losing, plus I won every single cup. My top scorer was Bojan with 70 goals. Here's the proof.......plus ill post my tactic I created to achieve this....... My Tactic http://fmhvibe.co.uk/community/topic/18553-god-tier-4-3-2-1/
  11. Some kind of wizard Ukfootballscore is correct. The offside goals go to the bottom, so it may of looked like the offside goal was given after the sending off. Check the time of the 2 events
  12. Seeing as SI wont allow the Russian League, they should remove Chelski, basically a Russian team >.<
  13. Sold - Javier Hernandez for 55mil Bought - Bojan 65 mil Playing as West Ham